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cruise Norwegian Fjords
cruise Norwegian Fjords

What month is best to cruise Norwegian fjords?

The best month to cruise the Norwegian fjords is discussed in the below article. Keep reading to know.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Although June to August is the sailing season to Norway, due to the good weather this is the best time to cruise the Norwegian fjords. The summer is ideal for outdoor activities since it offers lengthy days without being oppressively hot. Yet, winter offers fewer crowds and, although somewhat cold, lots of seasonal enjoyment. While summers are considered the best month to cruise Norwegian fjords, you can cruise there in any month depending on what you want.

Why summer (June to August) is best to cruise Norwegian fjords

Discover the ‘midnight sun' phenomena, where the day is filled with sunshine. Take advantage of the additional time spent outdoors by participating in coastal activities like kayaking and bird viewing. Seasonal sailings will take you to the stunning waterfall- and wildlife-filled fjords of Trollfjord, Lyngenfjord, and Geirangerfjord now that much of the snow has melted. The best time of year to travel to Norway is during this period due to the pleasant temperatures and abundance of outdoor activities like markets and festivals.

What to expect in Norwegian fjords’ autumn (September to November)

These months are the best time to explore the outdoors due to the warm temperatures. During hikes along fjords and over mountains, take in the fresh air and revitalize. The forests are ablaze with the golden hues of fall, and the paths are strewn with fruit and fungus. Enjoy some of the fresh seasonal food supplied on board as you awaken to mist-covered shorelines. The snow returns further north, and the fisherman's huts are once more dusted with snow.

What to expect in Norwegian fjords’ winter (December to February)

The fjords of Norway are most beautiful in the winter. Take a Norwegian fjords cruise to experience the captivating snowcaps and take in the breathtaking surroundings. Cruising at this time of year is ideal if you want a genuine taste of Scandinavia. Before warming your toes back in the safety of your ship cabin, take a dog sledding experience to learn about the local customs or go snowshoeing through the enchanted landscapes. Spend your nights attempting to see the northern lights after spending the day appreciating the winter wonderland. There will be no better opportunity to see the mesmerizing natural display of lights than on a winter cruise to Norway when your journey takes you inside the Arctic Circle.

What to expect in Norwegian fjords’ spring (March to May)

The sun returns after a long, dark winter, and the landscapes of Norway come to life once more in the spring. Snow and ice begin to melt as the sun rises, resulting in an abundance of vegetation and fauna that covers the entire country. Rivers start to erupt, and waterfalls are at their most impressive. The World Cod Fishing Championships are held in the Lofoten Islands in March because sea fishing and other coastal pursuits are at their best in the spring. It's a great time of year to experience several seasons at once because snow is still present in the country's more northern regions and there is still a chance to see the northern lights.

Tips for an ideal Norwegian fjords cruise vacation

Even if you are an experienced traveler, there are some important suggestions to remember in order to maximize your cruise vacation.

  • Set a spending plan: It's very costly in Norway! There is no other option than to create a cautious budget. You won't have to spend money in port if you save your large meals for aboard the ship. A reusable water container and some snacks can also be packed in your bag.
  • Bring logical attire: The weather in the Norwegian fjords can change at any moment, even if you're taking a summer cruise. If you intend to do a lot of hiking, be sure to bring a lightweight waterproof jacket as well as waterproof pants. Shoes that are both cozy and durable are also necessary.
  • Allow the children to participate: The Norwegian fjords offer the whole family—kids included—a magnificent, exciting cruise vacation! Children of all ages will remember Norway for a lifetime because there is so much unspoiled nature to explore, interactive museums to enjoy, and magical sites to see.
  • Choose an indoor cabin during the summer
  • Get a good spot for the sail-in


Norwegian fjords can be visited in any month, it depends on you whether you want to see the views or save money or enjoy the ice. Every month is best in its way, every month offers different things. Now that you know which month is best that suits your expectation, plan a cruise to Norwegian fjords.

Header Image by Makei at Pixabay

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