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Exploring the Arabian Gulf: A Guide to the Best Destinations on a Doha Cruise

Plan a fun-filled family cruise excursion tour in Doha. Check out these top 7 places to visit on the Doha cruise ship, Qatar.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Doha, the capital of Qatar, is considered one of the most exquisite cities in the Middle East. It is the cultural capital of the whole Persian Gulf. Moreover, because of its beauty and overall experience thousands of people visit this place every year. What more?

Why should you choose a cruise to the Arabian Gulf?

Arabian Gulf cruises will take you through the picturesque sceneries of Middle Eastern cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. Through this incredible journey of the cruise from Doha, you will experience high-rising skylines, and vast deserts of the Middle East accompanied by the vibrant Indian Ocean.

Top 7 places to visit in Doha, Qatar

Doha’s incredible skyline is constantly escorted by several other exciting and cultural options. During your halt in the Doha, Cruise Port visit these 7 places-

1. The Pearl

Pearl Island is an artificial island in the coastal region of Doha, Qatar. The island offers an exclusive and luxurious shopping experience from premium designer brands. The Mediterranean-style architecture of hotels, restaurants and waterfront cafes presents a subliminal culinary experience. The Pearl Qatar is an astonishing achievement in modern-day architecture. The wide variety of landscaping gardens, waterfront cafes, and plazas makes it stand out from all the other tourist spots in Doha.

2. Souq Waqif

It is a beautiful marketplace in Doha. From designer boutiques to thrift shops you can find products in every price range. You can find traditional Qatari Bisht in Gutra and Agal. Also, you can discover vintage artefacts to homemade products in this marketplace.

Falconry is a very famous tradition in Qatar. You will spot many visitors posing in traditional Qatari dresses, with a falcon perched on their arms. Another thing that will make you curious is the smell of exotic Arabic aromatics like Sumac, dried black lemons, dried flowers, Zater, and more. in the marketplace.

3. Katara Village

When you are planning to cruise to Doha, and you are interested in art, culture and cuisine then Katara Cultural Village is a place you should visit. It is located just beside Pearl Qatar on the eastern coast. Katara Cultural Village is the host of the Ajyal Youth Film Festival and TEDx Doha.

Katara Mosque in the Katara Cultural Village is a must-visit. The Dolmabahce Palace of Istanbul inspired it and it is believed that it was made by the first female architect Zeynep Fadilloglu. Katara also has a classical Greek-style amphitheatre that reflects Islamic influences. If you are a person who likes culture and planning a cruise package from Doha, this place is a must-visit.

4. Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is a preferred place to include in your cruise packages from Doha. Situated 60 km away from Doha, the Inland Sea of Khor Al Adaid is one of Qatar’s main attractions.

It offers a breathtaking view of a landscape where the sea and desert meet during the high tide. During high tide, you will be able to spot several unique animal species such as many rare turtle species and dugongs.

5. Corniche

Corniche is a seven-kilometre-long walkway that serves as a spot that is full of attractions. It offers the most stunning view of Doha's modern skyline and is located on the southern coast of Doha, Qatar.

National holidays such as Qatar National Day and National Sports Day are organised in the Corniche. Al Dafna Park in the Corniche is a house of the most beautiful and vibrant flora you can find in all of Doha.

The museum of Islamic Art is located at one end of the Corniche. Furthermore, there is a garden on the museum premises, which is one of the favourite spots among visitors.

6. Doha Sports City

Doha Sports City or Aspire Zone is the sporting hub of Qatar. There are several sports facilities and stadiums on this cruise from Doha Qatar. The famous Khalifa International Stadium is situated in the complex. Several important matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022 were organised in the stadium.

Aspire Dome (World's largest indoor multi-purpose sports hall) and Hamad Aquatic Centre(Olympic-size swimming pool) are the main attraction of Aspire Zone.

7. Islamic Cultural Centre and Museum

World-famous Fanar or the Abdulla Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Centre is a must-visit for your cruise excursion tours in Doha. Non-Islamic believers are also welcomed in all activities and exhibitions organised by the charity.  

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When to visit?

October to April is the best time to visit Doha, as the temperature is cooler during this period of the year. If you are trying to plan less expensive Doha cruise tours, you should visit in the summer when generally the hotel rates are cheaper, especially in high-demand places like Dubai.

What to expect from cruise excursion tours in Doha?

A few highlights that people going on a cruise excursion from Doha will be able to enjoy are:


While on cruise excursion tours in Doha, one of the favourite pastimes of travellers is shopping. Ranging from fashion to fragrant spices, the location has a lot of things to offer. Here ‘The Pearl’ destination offers the city’s most remarkable experience.

Eating and drinking

One can also indulge in eating and drinking. Make sure to try Qatari cuisine which combines the flavour of India, Africa and the Mediterranean parts. One of the Qatari cuisine dishes uses ingredients like Yemeni honey, camel meat, dates and rose water cooked to a flavourful taste. A popular Qatari dish you can try is Machboos. Also, discover local restaurants surrounding Souq Waqif to try other traditional dishes.

Discover other exciting places

Doha is on its way to creating a new alternate future with skyscrapers sprouting from the ground. Thus, visitors have a lot of things to discover including galleries, museums and souks. However, this also does not mean the city has forgotten its history and tradition as one can also find it in its architecture.

Final word

The Arabian Gulf is one of the most scenic places in the world. Cruises from Doha, Qatar and the Middle East are an inexpensive alternative to visiting Gulf countries than flights and private cars. Thus, taking a cruise trip through these vibrant cities in the Middle East will be a journey of a lifetime. Also, look for customising your itinerary to include top locations like Abu Dhabi and Oman.

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