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Going on a Doha Cruise for the First Time? Here's What You Need to Know

All the tricks and trips you should know before embarking on a Doha cruise for the first time. Read on to know more about the travel itinerary.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Starting from the capital of Qatar, Doha Cruise trips have recently become a sensation among tourists. As the host country for FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar received attention from the entire world. It has since attracted enormous tourist attention – making it a favourite location for cruise trips.

Located just beside the Persian Gulf, the city of Doha has always been an important port in the region. Last year, the country inaugurated the brand new Grand Terminal, which further magnifies its popularity as a significant port for Cruise travel.

Get the most out of the Doha cruise trip with these tips and tricks

Here is everything you need to know to make a memorable first cruise trip.

Benefits of a cruise trip from Doha

A cruise trip from Doha comes with a full package of fun and excitement. The trips offer exclusive perks to the tourists and not to mention the experience of luxury. Let the staff pamper you while you explore majestic scenic views. 

Following are the exclusive experiences waiting for you onboard –   

Activities on Doha Cruise Trip

A cruise trip basically means going overboard on indulgence and luxuries. For a period of 7-8 days, the cruise is going to be your home. The only difference is this moving home packs all the pleasures of a hotel, resort, spa, and amusement park in a ship. Look out for these activities and make the best out of your trip –

Shore excursions

Apart from all the facilities you can get on a cruise line, you also can avail yourself of ground excursion tours in the landing ports. Doha is by far the most happening landing port with so many activities to experience. The Doha port is now turned into a dedicated Cruise port with various nearby tourist attractions. Following are some popular tourist destinations near Doha port –

Also Check: Top Excursions and Shore Activities in Doha

Things to remember

So, all things figured out, it’s finally time to go for your Doha Cruise trip. But wait, there are certain things you need to remember to have a great experience in the foreign country as well as onboard the cruise line.

Tick off your checklist

This is the final step before you embark on your exotic Doha cruise journey. Keep a track of the following information to have a safe and comfortable trip –

So, you are all prepared for your first cruise experience. There are ample reasons to be thrilled about it. After all, a Doha cruise trip offers you an affordable and easily accessible opportunity to explore the Middle East in all its grandeur. In all excitement, make sure to pack all necessary documents and ensure to make an itinerary so you don’t roam off your schedule.

Happy travels!

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