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5 Famous Historical Sites to Explore in Valletta, Malta

Planning a cruise trip to Valletta, Malta, and want to tour its fascinating attractions? For more details on exploring historic Valletta Malta, please read below.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Malta is one of Europe's must-see destinations, rich in history and breathtaking natural beauty. You'll have time to see this centuries-old fortified city that is now the country's capital while on your cruise to Valletta, Malta. There are many enjoyable and intriguing things to do in Valletta, Malta, and we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to visit the fascinating nearby cities and villages. Here are our top five historical sites to explore in historic Valletta, Malta.


Explore the Historic City of Valletta, Malta, on Cruises in Europe

1. Mdina Old City

Head to Mdina Old City for a peaceful stroll through the historic alleyways and stunning island views. This settlement of 300 people is enclosed by medieval walls and has been dubbed the "Silent City" due to the restriction of automobiles in the region. Its small lanes provide support to a variety of structures of Norman Baroque architecture, notably the palaces of Maltese aristocratic families. Visit the majestic Cathedral of the Conversion of St. Paul and walk across its plaza.

2. Mnajdra

Mnajdra is an ancient temple made of large limestone slabs that overlooks the sea and a surrounding islet. In the tourist center, see a 4-D movie to learn about the temple's 5,000-year history. View an ancient chamber with an elliptical formation aligned with the summer solstice sunrise so that light rays travel through the hole and illuminate the room at dawn on the first day of summer. You can take a walk through the natural route to the lookout tower to get a glimpse of the nearby island and nature reserve.

3. Saluting Battery

At Saluting Battery, you may see one of the country's most recognized traditions. For centuries, the Grand Harbor Battery served as the initial line of defense against invaders. Earlier, salutes were fired to commemorate significant events and festivals, as well as to welcome foreign guests. In addition, each day at exactly noon, a shot was fired to allow commanders to calibrate their ship chronographs (a stopwatch combined with a display watch). The traditional gunshot custom at noon is still practiced and is now accompanied by an evening shot. Visit the battery, view the preserved guns, and participate in the salute ritual.

4. Church of Our Lady of Victories

You'll immediately discover that Malta is primarily a Roman Catholic country, with over 25 churches in Valletta. In reality, the first structure built in this city was the Church of Our Lady of Victories in 1566, to mark the end of the Great Siege against the Ottomans in 1565.

Top Tip: If you're sailing in the summer and want to visit a church or cathedral, you may be required to cover your exposed shoulders and legs.

5. The Three Cities

The Three Cities - Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua — provide a fascinating glimpse into the Maltese past, predating most of Valletta's history, so it's worth taking the ferry across if you have the time. The port inlets date back to Phoenician times, and most of the region was part of the Knights of St. John's original colony. It's also relatively undiscovered by tourists, making it an ideal location for learning about local life.

The Final Conclusion

Malta is a small island, but it is packed with activities that the entire family will love. When you cruise to Valletta, you'll have the opportunity to visit practically every part of the island through numerous shore excursions. Whether you want to spend a relaxed day at the beach or do a half-day island jeep tour — a cruise vacation to Valletta will take care of you! Book your next cruise to Malta and see everything that it has to offer.

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