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4 Cruise Excursions Tips for First-Timers

Planning for a cruise vacation? Our DIY cruise excursion tips will help you plan the itinerary wisely.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You don't have to go on a cruise excursion with the crowd simply because you're a cruise ship passenger. People have the freedom to do anything they want in every port, even staying on the ship if they so wish to. However, if you want to visit and explore the port's attractions on your own, try local foods, meet locals, and tour adjacent neighborhoods. Here, in this article, we have discussed a few cruise excursion tips that will help you.


4 Best Do-It-Yourself Cruise Excursion Tips

1. What to Do Before Your Cruise?

Plan your excursion as follows: Have an idea of your plan for port stops before boarding a ship. Discover what others consider the top ten things to do in a city. Then, decide which ones pique your interest, look up hours and rates, and look at maps to see where attractions are in proximity to your port and how many locations you can visit.

Research well: To explore each port, use tourism board websites, guide books, travel blogs, and internet forums. Figure out if it is a place safe to visit on your own, how far away are the sites of interest, is transportation accessible, and if there will be a language barrier? Next, find out what you want to see and do and how to make it happen, including logistics.

2. Figure Out Your Transportation:

If you are close to the city, you may stroll into the city's center, where most attractions are located. And if you only need to go a little far, taxis are frequently less expensive and faster than cruise shuttles.

If your ship arrives at a port outside the city center, you will need to arrange transportation. Taxis are available for guests who want transport for DIY cruise excursions, and they will also return to the dock at a mutually agreed time (upon hour).

3. During Your Cruise Day

Carry cash and an ATM card with you: When visiting a port, bring some cash, preferably more, to cover minor expenses and locations that do not accept credit cards.

Plan on arriving an hour early: Always plan to get to your ship at least an hour before the ship's scheduled departure time, just in case you get caught in traffic. Having some wriggle room or margin space can help you relax.

Prepare yourself for the unexpected: The main incentive to go on your own trip rather than using the cruise's tour is that you have more freedom. So, instead of following a strict plan, leave some room for unanticipated events.

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4. Pack Your Street Smarts

As you explore the do-it-yourself cruise excursion tips and go to visit the city, pack a compact bag with all of your essentials, such as an ATM, passport, cash, water bottle, a protein bar (in case you feel hungry), phone, swimsuit for beach outings, and a jacket for the evening chills. Also, before getting into any cab, make sure you bargain for the fare.

Key Takeaways

The best part of any cruise vacation is the shore excursions! For many people, sticking to the cruise line's choices of shore excursions is preferable. However, if you want to do your own shore excursions, you'll be rewarded with lovely memories to take home. Just Plan ahead if you're a first timer only after considering the list of things to do on a cruise excursion (above), choose the best cruises for first timers, choose your places to visit, brush up on your street-smart skills, and You're ready to taste some wanderlust. You can check out for popular cruise trip options and plan accordingly.

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