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Best Beaches In Sardinia

Are you planning to spend a relaxing vacation on the Sardinian beaches? Here is a comprehensive guide to the best beaches in Sardinia.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Sardinia is among the 20 Italian regions and is among the largest islands on the Mediterranean Sea, only second to Sicily. The land instantly evokes the aura of the great Hollywood masterpiece franchise of The Godfather. Vito Carleone, the Don played by the iconic star Marlon Brando (and the younger days played by Robert de Niro) is an epitomic character to date. Keeping the angle of cinema aside, Sardinia is among the most sought-after islands for its scenic beauty, making it the photographer’s paradise.

Due to the vicinity of the Italian mainland, French coasts and African coasts, Sardinia is truly a melting pot of cross-cultural influences. The varied landscape of the island draws a good number of hikers, trekkers, and adventure lovers every year. Sardinia also possesses some old traces of pre-historic settlements on the island. You will come across the relics of a Roman theatre in Sardinia that was built during the reigns of the great Roman Empire. However, it is the Sardinian beaches, from where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Mediterranean archipelago. The panoramic view of the Gulf of Angels is another key attraction of Sardinia.

Thus, if you are looking for the top beaches in Sardinia, then this article is exclusively for you!

Take a peek at the top beaches in Sardinia

1. Relax on the soft sands of Poetto Beach

Poetto is one of the top beaches in Sardinia that offers you great Italian food, French wine, and plenty of sea breezes. If you are looking for a ‘vitamin sea’, then Poetto is the ideal place for you. Surrounded by an aesthetic arrangement of palm trees, Poetto presents you with the most engaging activities.

First of all, the crystal water of Poetto is suitable for swimming. Therefore, you can spend a good amount of time in the water, playing with your friends and families. After a tiring swimming session, rejuvenate yourself with the local herbal drink called Mirto.

2. Take a speed boat ride at Tuerredda Beach

Tuerredda Beach is located in Teulada, only 50 km from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. The sea is calm and serene here at Tuerredda Beach. The blue waters provide you with the rare opportunity to explore the creeks and gulfs. You should hire a speed boat at Tuerredda to enjoy a few hours of insanity. This could be the perfect antidote for you if you are trying to escape the harrowing routines of your urban life.

3. Click photos of the Cagliari Fortresses

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia which is often referred to as the gateway to the fortresses, food and flamingo. Sardinia is a varied land with a noteworthy assortment of flora and fauna. Make a plan to reach Cagliari port first so that you can connect to the other beaches easily.

Cagliari Beach itself offers you fine, white sands that slop along the sea. If you are cruising through the Mediterranean Sea, then spend a night here to taste the authentic flavor of Sardinia.

4. Fish at the Rock of Peppino

Santa Giusta Beach at Costa Rei is another key attraction of Sardinia. The crystal clear water with a granite shore reduces the water temperature at Santa Giusta. This place is famous for the local fishermen called Peppino, who spend hours on the granite shore, fishing in the seawater. You can take part in the fishing activity. After all, you do not get the opportunity of fishing in the Mediterranean Sea every day!

5. Hop on the dream beach of Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi at San Teodoro is a rare sea beach that is bordered by a lush green pine forest. The white sand, blue-green sea, and lush pines make an excellent color palette for the photographers. Enjoy your photo shooting sessions here at Cala Brandinchi.

Apart from the color palette, it offers you palatable authentic Italian dishes in the seaside shacks. Grab a glass of drink and enjoy the magic moments of twilight at Cala Brandinchi.

Final Words

Sardinia is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, embraced by the Italian mainland, and accompanied by the French and African coasts. If you are looking for an exciting cruising experience in Southern Europe, then a visit to Sardinia is mandatory. The cruise lines operating in this region offer you some amazing deals throughout the season. So, go to and book your cruise now! The Cruise Booking experts will walk you through every step of the process to ensure a fantastic holiday.

Header Image by Wirestock at Freepik

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