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Best Beaches in Martinique

Say bon voyage to the world and set sail for the best 5 beaches in Martinique. Here is a comprehensive guide for you!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Martinique is a French island on the Caribbean Sea. Situated right at the heart of a volcanic archipelago, Martinique evokes the true Caribbean essence in its 1100 square kilometers. Martinique has an inclusive cross-cultural appeal. You can experience a little bit of France on this island fused brilliantly with the Caribbean culture. Like the culture, the landscape of Martinique is widely varied. It is not a mere collection of typical Caribbean beaches. You have multiple hiking trails, ancient cultural festivals, tropical forests, and luxurious resorts to make your trip to Martinique extremely rejoicing.

Fort de France, the capital of Martinique, offers you authentic French cuisines. Some say that the place dates back to early 1885, and Fort de France still bears traces of its ancestral history. Martinique holds an annual carnival every year in February and March. If you are planning to spend your vacation on the best 5 beaches in Martinique, then try to visit during the carnival season.

A cosmopolitan ambiance and touch of rustic Caribbean flavor make Martinique unique. You would love to relax on the top 5 beaches in Martinique that present you with the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. If you are already planning a cruise trip, then give Martinique a chance. It will never disappoint you!

Now, let us get straight to the much-awaited segment on the 5 best beaches in Martinique.

5 Best Beaches in Martinique

1. Diamant Beach

Diamant Beach is probably the most popular of the must-visit beaches in Martinique. The name Diamant came from the diamond-shaped rocks that you can find in plenty on this beach. Diamant Beach is ideal for those who love adventurous water sports.

This is also the most photographed beach in Martinique. The beach has several jogging tracks around the sea. All the beachgoers hop on this beach once during their trip to Martinique.

2. Anse Noire

Unlike Diamant Beach, Anse Noire Beach offers you still waters, ideal for swimming and boating. The picturesque view of the beach from the ferries is a bonus. This beach is preferred by tourists and beachgoers for multiple reasons. Firstly, the beach has a boat dock for water excursions. Secondly, the beach has unique black sand precipitation around the coastline. Therefore, you get a color contrast every time you click a photo.

Most importantly, you can rent self-driven boats from the dock and enjoy an adventurous ride on your own. This is the ideal place to go with friends and family.

3. Anse Figuier

Anse Figuier is the beach to observe the rich Caribbean marine fauna. This becomes easier for you due to the transparency of the water. At Anse Figuier, the water is crystal blue which gives you the perfect view of the underwater marine life.

This is a popular place among the local people as well. The history dates back to before French colonization. There is an eco-museum where you can study the local heritage of West Indian people. Avoid visiting the beach during school and national holidays since the beach remains packed with tourists.

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4. Anse Mitan

Anse Mitan is another picturesque beach with a fantastic view of the capital city Fort de France from the water. However, the key attraction of the spot is the coral reef barrier. Many colorful fishes call this coral reef home. Thus, you can always plan an exciting scuba diving session at Anse Mitan.

Anse Mitan is also famous for authentic Martinian food. After a tiring day on the beach, treat yourself to the best local cuisines at seaside bars and restaurants. If you love night parties on the beach, then Anse Mitan is a beach you must visit.

5. Anse Michel

Anse Michel is the beach of palm trees. This famous beach in Martinique is bordered by exotic palm trees that hover over the clear turquoise water. The beach is perfect for a relaxing swimming session. You will get a bunch of memorable photographs on Anse Michel.

Your activities are not restricted to these only. Anse Michel is also popular for kite surfing and kayaking. Since the water is calm here, you can rent a kayak and sail on the Caribbean coastline. Challenge your friends and siblings to kite surfing on the golden sands of Anse Michel. Overall, this beach has numerous things to offer. Do not forget to hop on one of these must-visit beaches in Martinique.

Reserve your seat for an exciting cruise trip to Martinique

Martinique is a true amalgamation of French and Caribbean cultures. You will enjoy the touch of French on this small island on the Caribbean Sea. The stunning landscapes and divine beauty of the surroundings make Martinique a place you must visit.

How about cruising to this outstanding island? Numerous international cruise lines operate in this region. Visit http://www.cruisebooking.com/ and reserve your stateroom on any of the exceptional cruise ships to enjoy an exciting voyage on the Caribbean Sea. So, pack your bag today for the most memorable cruising trip of your life to Martinique!

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