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Top things to do onboard Carnival Luminosa

Spend your time while at sea on your cruise with fun-filled activities and entertainment. Try these best things to do on Carnival Luminosa.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise on the Carnival Luminosa is an experience beyond just visits to the various exotic North European and Mediterranean itineraries it sails to. Carnival Luminosa impresses you with its tasteful décor and the lighting effects illuminating its public areas and shows, living up to its theme and name of Luminosa – full of light. Carnival Luminosa has plenty of attractions on board to make your cruise enjoyable and the overall Carnival experience a voyage to cherish. Here we look at the 5 best things to do on Carnival Luminosa.

Carnival Luminosa - 5 Best Things To Do On Board

1. Top Wellness Options

Most of your on-board time happens after your return from the day’s port of call destination. Among the 5 best things to do on Carnival Luminosa is getting yourself a relaxing massage or a dip in the hot tub. The ship’s Wellness Centre is waiting to rejuvenate you and pamper you in the most luxurious setting ever. Fitness freaks and athletes, may hit the well-equipped gym with its large windows offering a panoramic view of the sea. A well laid out jogging track is also an alluring option. Swimming pools and hot tubs beckon one and all.

2. Top your Beauty

One of the best things to do on Carnival Luminosa is of course to give yourself a chic and stylish look. Beauty treatments are a great way to spruce up for dinner. The Solemio Spa on board has everything available – from hairdressing, facial masks to manicure and hair removal. Sports activities, fitness classes and even sports tournaments for passengers are organised on board. Pro-tip, book your spa appointments on days the ship is in port. The cruise line tends to offer promotional rates when in port.

3. Unlimited Top Entertainment

Among the top things to do on the Carnival Luminous, is enjoying the on board entertainment. For the outdoor entertainment seekers, the ship has slides and water parks. There’s an aqua park dedicated to children full of fun, water games and colour. As the children immerse in their safety ensured water fun, parents may enjoy a grand view of the expansive horizon from the comfort of created spaces. A thoughtfully laid out family play area – the outdoor Peppa Pig zone allows families to play and have fun together. And, then there’s the mini golf area where the winner of a challenge celebrates his win with a drink for all.

Adventure lovers can get their blood pumping with a travel suspended right over the sea between Tibetan bridges, cableways, and platforms.

4. Diverse Food Options

Carnival Luminous does not only take you on a journey across destinations. It takes you on a journey across flavours and tastes of various places, adding spice to your journey. Perfectly seasoned and cooked four course dishes are served on board - appetisers, soup, pasta, and main course as well a special or “Destination” dish curated by one of the Michelin chefs. This dish provides you with a taste of the region to be visited the following day.

Children are specially catered to through the Squok menu – a menu for kids and teens. Chicken nuggets, burgers, fries, tomato pasta, and similar children favourites feature on this selection. Adults are also allowed to partake into this menu if they wish to skip the main menu.

You may also prefer to enjoy speciality eating at the exclusive on board sushi bar Sushino. Archipelago, the second specialty restaurant with a lavish menu of 5 courses paired with wine, from three world-famous Michelin star chefs Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze, and Ángel León. Pizzeria is the third speciality restaurant on board for an exclusive pizza service at night.

For your after meal pangs, try the delicious street foods served at the Burger Grill. Teppanyaki, for its asian cuisine, La Fiorentina Steak House for its Italian style meat dishes are a gourmet delight. Do not miss out on Amarillo the ice cream shop.

Bars include Aperol, Frescobaldi Wine Lounge for wine connoisseurs and Birreria, the brewery that will remain etched in your memory for the variety, exclusivity and ambience.

5. Top Shopping

Shopping at the ship’s dedicated shopping arcade is a must among the best things to do on your Carnival Luminosa cruise. From jewellery and watches, latest in fashion and accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, gadgets and, of course souvenirs from places visited during your voyage, the shops have it all. A duty free shop is also included.


A voyage aboard the Carnival Luminous is truly a memory to cherish with your family or loved ones. You have the opportunity to preserve your memories at the My Moments photo store on the ship. However, in order to have the best possible cruise vacation you need to visit and let the experts handle your travel plans.

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