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Best Family Cruise Destinations in the Mediterranean

Are you looking for family cruise destinations in the Mediterranean? Check the best 5 destinations here.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Have you always dreamt of taking your family to Europe? Then, take a cruise to explore the European landmarks around the Mediterranean seas. A cruise trip with your family to Europe is an experience of a lifetime. All these places maintain a similar kind of weather due to their proximity to the sea. The best part is you get to visit multiple ports and only unpack once. To know more about the perfect family cruise destinations in the Mediterranean, keep scrolling!


5 Must-visit Family Destinations in the Mediterranean

Cruising in the Mediterranean seas with your family and witnessing picturesque landscapes sounds like a perfect vacation!

These are the five best places to visit with your family in the Mediterranean.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Located on the North-Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, Barcelona is known for its art and architecture. Since it’ son the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy pleasant weather any time of the year. This place has something to offer to everyone. On one hand, you can visit ancient monuments spread around the city, and on the other, your kids can enjoy fun amusement parks and cypress mazes.

2. Capri, Italy

While sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, you will encounter this rugged landscape, which is a marvel in its natural form. This amazing destination is located in the Bay of Naples. You can book an hour of a guided tour to explore the islands. Additionally, if you have some extra time, take your family for a dip in the rocky coves and green grotto.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the perfect family cruise destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. This place is like a haven for adventures with your kids. Here, you can participate in several activities — for instance, taking an off-road safari, experience a buggy ride through ancient forts, and the countryside. Another major attraction for young tourists is the Dubrovnik cable cars. You can also enjoy the most picturesque sunset on the Croatian Coast.

4. Marseille, France

As you are going for a family Mediterranean cruise, a trip to Marseille is highly recommended. Located on France's southern coast, Marseille is the oldest city in France. Here you can witness how history has met with modernity. This port city is well-known for its warm weather; its beaches are perfect for your idyllic vacation. Among other tourist attractions, Château d’If, Notre-Dame de la Garde, and Panier are the most popular.

5. Athens, Greece

Traveling to Athens with your kids will surely be an amazing experience. You can plan this tour according to your kids’ preferences because several museums and amusement parks are designed for them, such as the Playground at Golden Hall, the Museum of Greek Children's Art, and the Cultural Park. You can also choose to explore this city on the Happy Train and enjoy some fun time with your family.

Besides these cities, you can also visit other European landmarks while cruising in the Mediterranean. Some of the best Mediterranean cruise family-friendly destinations are as follows:

Final Thoughts

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