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Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles

5 Best Spots to see Sea Turtles

Do you love to watch sea turtles? Here, you will find the details about the famous sea turtle spots worldwide.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Turtles are one of the longest living creatures in the world of fauna. They are timid and docile in nature. Their characteristics have made them very adorable, which is why people tend to pet them. If you want to watch them in their natural habitats, you need to know about some sea turtle spots worldwide.


Top 5 Famous Spots of Sea Turtles

Observing sea turtles in their natural habitat is a very pleasing and humbling experience in itself. There are several locations where you can travel to watch these turtles and enjoy the beauty of nature as a bonus. These places are as follows:

1.Port Vila Vanuatu

Port Vila Vanuatu is a nation in the South Pacific Islands. This heavenly place is the natural habitat of at least three varied species of turtles and the home to many endangered species of turtles, e.g. green turtles, hawksbill, etc. The Turtle reef is one of the best sanctuaries here. You can also see rare leatherback turtles here. The scenic beauty of this place is also noteworthy. So, you can enjoy the wide blue sea and the wildlife simultaneously.

2.Maluaka Beach Turtle Town

Maluaka Beach on Maui is another famous location for watching sea turtles. The area is home to several distinct species of turtles. The best beach for snorkeling in Turtle Town area is Maluaka. Here, you can fulfil your long-cherished dream of diving into the blue ocean and swimming along with sea creatures. You will also enjoy the endless blue scenic view of the sea merging with the blue sky. The environment and the fauna will make your trip something you will always remember.

3. Laniakea Beach

Turtles, when living on land, love rocky surfaces and greenery, and hence this beach is one of the perfect sea turtle spots. Due to the abundance of great Hawaiian turtles, it’s known as turtle beach.

4. George’s Island Bermuda

Green turtles are the main attraction of this beach. It is not the shell but the cartilage that is green, which is why they are called green turtles. You can enjoy snorkeling and exploring every inch of the diverse beauty of the ocean, along with watching the turtles.

5. Brisbane, Australia

One can get to see great omnivore hawksbill turtles here. One great attraction of this beach is the scaly-shelled, pointed-beak hawksbill turtles. Going underwater and feeling their paddles touching you is a must have experience when you visit Brisbane. Along with the gentle redness of the coral reef, let the primitive life of the sea creatures touch your life.

What’s Next?

These excellent sea turtle spots that you can visit will help you get closer to nature. These places will provide you with the soothing experience of the unique sea creatures. So, whenever you need a break from your regular life, you might visit the places and embrace the tranquility of nature.

Header Image by dv.sakharov at Depositphotos

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