Serenade of the seas ship
Serenade of the seas ship

How to Choose a Cruise Line for First-time Travelers?

If you are cruising for the first time, here are the guidelines you should consider before choosing your cruise line

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Planning a vacation and considering a cruise? Picking a cruise line for the first time may be confusing but makes finding your perfect cruise simple. Here are a few factors that you should consider while booking a cruise.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cruise Line

Choosing a cruise always depends on your expectations and personal needs. However, not every cruise line is equipped with every amenity. So, individuals must know the below-mentioned pointers beforehand to choose a cruise line.

1. Age and Family Status

Cruises are for the perfect vacation for people of all ages. For example, if you are single and looking for a budget trip, you can opt for the Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise Line. These cruise lines provide all the luxurious amenities and meets the requirement of budget travelers. There are also family-friendly cruises with comprehensive childrens programs , such as Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. Virgin Voyages offers adult-only cruises, and no children are allowed on board.

2. Type of Cruise Line

As mentioned earlier, when you are searching how to choose a cruise line, you must consider your preferences first. Cruise lines fall into two primary groups: mainstream and luxury. There are mainstream cruises, such as Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, which are popular among family travelers. On the other hand, there are luxury counterparts such as Oceania Cruises and Silversea Cruises. The most significant differences between luxury and main stream cruise lines is price and number of passengers and level of service.

3. Destination

Not every cruise line serves every destination. Therefore, before selecting a cruise line of your choice, make sure that the line provides an itinerary for your destination. For example, some cruises are based out of Florida and focus on the caribbean, where others are based out of Europe sailing around the Mediterranean.

4. Cruise Size

If you are thinking of cruising, the size of the ship is a deciding factor too. There are larger ships available, referred to as mega-ships, which carry close to three thousand people at a time. On the contrary, there are expedition ships that are meant for people who love to explore nature and science, such as Hurtigruten that only carry a few hundred guests.

5. Amenities

A few of the premium cruise lines are packed with amenities. For instance, Disney Cruise Line is perfect for kids and toddlers as it has amenities meant for children. Ships today have endless options such as bowling, golf, ice skating and full service spas. Ask yourself which amenities are important to you on your vacation before selecting a ship.

Planning ahead is always recommended. On you can search and compare different ships, itineraries and pricing. Book early for the best pricing and availability.

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