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5 Things to Do in Seattle, Washington

Explore the stimulating grunge music and culture while sipping on the best coffee you’ll ever taste and indulge in the outdoor lifestyle. Seattle is a tale worth remembering and sharing.

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Seattle is a city that oozes charm in its mysterious hideheaderimgouts. From underground tours to a rich heritage of art and culture, Seattle is a city where any visitor is likely to have a wonderful time. If you are someone who can’t say no to an exciting vacation then Seattle should be your next destination.

5 Amazing Things to Do in Seattle

Planning a trip can be time consuming, but to make it easier for you to curate your itinerary before reaching the destination, here are our top recommendations on the things to do in Seattle:

1. Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

The history of interconnecting underground tunnels of Seattle is unknown to many. These tunnels were built by the pioneers or the first settlers of this region. The Seattle that we see today was built on top after the devastating fire of 1881. You can also purchase memorabilia from the famous Underground Gift Shop. Take part in the guided tour to learn the history of these tunnels and the local stories that are sure to keep you awake at night.

2. Mount Rainier Hike

Situated at 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier is an active volcano. It is an icon in WA for being the most glaciated peak in the USA. Encompassed within the meadows of subalpine wildflowers lies the icy volcanic ring. The lower altitudes of the mountain are veiled in a shroud of ancient forests. The peaks boast magnificent wildlife and are as majestic as they sound.

3. The Museum of Pop Culture

If you are a music fanatic then The Museum of Pop Culture is sure to pique your interest. Formerly known as the Experience Project Museum, the establishment takes you back in time to discover some of the most legendary pop culture artifacts. The museum is known for its hip architecture and for of course housing original lyrics and instruments of iconic musical geniuses.

4. Chihuly Garden and Glass

A kaleidoscope of colors is illuminated by the architectural geniuses constructed by glass, this destination is a must-visit. Exploding with vibrancy and life, the garden houses flora that you may have never encountered before. The breath-taking flora and fauna that covers every inch of the garden along with the artistic glass sculptures are beyond imagination. If you are an art lover then the Chihuly Garden and Glass is a no-brainer.

5. The Seattle Great Wheel

The tallest Ferris wheel in the West Coast is located at Pier 57 in Seattle and is 175 feet tall. The panoramic views are worth beating your fear of height for. If you are brave enough to climb the giant Ferris wheel, you’ll be rewarded with sights that are a treat to the eyes. Thrilling and yet peaceful, the Ferris wheel gives you a bird’s eye view of the busy coastlines and the captivating city skyline.

What's next for you in Seattle?

Seattle has a lot to offer. While you’re in Seattle, don’t forget to try the coffee for which the city is best known. Beyond what is known, Seattle offers an endless list of possibilities and history to its visitors. When traveling, trust locals more than google reviews. Our tip to you for your trip to Seattle: Live like a local, explore like a local, and experience the city like a local.

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