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What is not allowed on cruise ships?

What to bring and what not to bring? This article comprises all the things that you need to avoid bringing along with you onboard a cruise ship.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise vacation is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your holidays. Cruise ships offer you the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and adventure making your experience an enjoyable one. If you have already booked your tickets and are wondering what might be items you may want to avoid carrying then keep reading this article. Cruising is a different experience and the rules and regulations are likely going to be different from flights and other forms of public land transport. While some items are obvious a lot of people may find it weird to see some common objects on the prohibited list. There are good reasons why these items may not be permitted aboard the ship and every passenger is expected to comply with them.


What is not allowed on cruise ships?

We describe here some points you need to know about the things that are not allowed on cruise ships.

1. Household appliances

Yes, you heard us right. Home appliances such as irons and steamers are typically not permitted aboard a cruise ship. The reason for this prohibition is however a very practical one. Irons and steamers carry a potential fire risk along with them and accidents do tend to happen. A single iron if handled carelessly can lead to a fire outbreak posing a threat to the lives of all the crew members and passengers aboard the ship. A few cruise lines such as Holland America and Carnival do provide their passengers with self-service launderettes with ironing boards but possessing these items personally is still not allowed. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian do not even offer such services to eliminate the risk permanently. These rules also apply to appliances such as kettles, hot plates, and coffee and tea makers.

2. Weapons

One of the more expected sets of items to be on this list — weapons, restraints, and firearms are absolutely a no-go on a cruise ship. Some cruises even restrict martial arts equipment to make sure that no passenger is any sort of a threat to others. Carnival allows its passengers to carry swiss army knives but the blade has to be less than 4 inches. Royal Caribbean completely prohibits its passengers to carry any form of knives or blades in their luggage aboard the ship. Passengers can request the onboard staff in case they require a knife or a corkscrew for their bottles of champagne. Duct tape and packing tape are not prohibited on cruise ships.

3. Liquor

Another shocking entry on this list for many, yes it is true that cruise ships do not allow their passengers to carry hard alcohol or beer onboard their cruise ship. If any such bottle is discovered by the cruise staff your items are likely getting confiscated and there might be no getting it back as most of these items are thrown away. To avoid embarrassment and shame in front of fellow passengers we would recommend everyone comply with the respective cruise’s policies. Wines, however, are permissible onboard as it is almost always an allowable substance. The limit is likely to vary amongst different cruise ships as some allow you to carry a few while many may restrict you to a single bottle.

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4. Toys and drones

Most of you may be wondering how toys can be a risk aboard a cruise ship but items such as skateboards, rollerskates, and hoverboards pose a serious threat. As already been mentioned, accidents do tend to happen and it is quite likely that while playing around on anything with wheels you risk bumping into someone or something. You can hurt yourself or even break things by bumping into them and if it is something expensive you are going to be the one regretting it later. Hence, to eliminate these risks permanently most cruise ships have banned such toys. These toys also include replica guns and inflatable pool toys. Nearly every cruise ship prohibits you to fly a drone directly above it. You can carry it and store it in your cabin on some ships while others forbid it completely.

5. Meat and home-cooked food

The passengers are not allowed to carry perishable food items onboard a cruise ship. You can request a packing company to ship your product to your home if it is expensive meat or fish but most cruise lines do not allow their passengers to carry it on their ships. Perishable foods have a very limited shelf life and the food that you bring likely gets bad and you do not even properly dispose of it. This is a serious health and hygiene hazard as the stench can cause trouble to other passengers. Cruise ships are massive bodies of water transport and it is very difficult for the staff to look for these items if people are just loitering them around. To avoid all this commotion, drama, and health hazards passengers are prohibited to carry these food items on a cruise ship.

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Final words

A cruise trip is the dream vacation for most people. Everyone wants to spend quiet and enjoyable nights on a wooden deck, under the blanket of stars. It is essential to ensure that you have a good time during your trip and take loads of good memories back with you. Hopefully, the above article has given you a brief idea about the things that you may not want to carry with you on a cruise trip. You can also check out to find some of the best and most affordable cruises to hop on during the holidays. Hurry up and book your tickets today.

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