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What types of cabins are available on cruise ships?

Looking for the perfect cabin for a comfortable journey on a cruise? Here to have all the details of cabins available on cruise ships.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cabins in cruising ships are commonly known by different names, such as staterooms, suites, or rooms per se. These cabins break into different categories depending on factors such as size, amenities available, ocean view, and cost. However, there are 4 common types of cabins that almost all cruise ships offer. To know more about them, keep reading ahead!

What kinds of cabins can we find on cruise ships?

4 Main types of cabins available on cruise ships

Ideally, any kind of cabin on any cruise line ship can be divided into these four categories:

1. Ocean-view cabins

The foremost cabins that anyone would seek are staterooms with a view of the ocean horizon. Ocean-view cabins are famously known for their provision of a great view of the ocean. Some ocean-view cabins also provide a panoramic view of the oceanic landscape.


  • These ocean-view cabins are curated with high-end facilities at your doorstep. 
  • They provide an expansive view of the ocean waters, throughout your journey.
  • These staterooms are equipped with king-size plush bedding, floor-to-ceiling windows, minibars, a sitting lounge to enjoy the outside view from your room, a TV set, and high-quality shower accessories.

Ocean view cabins can again be available in two types, scenic ocean view, and deluxe ocean view. The only difference between these two cabins is that the latter is more spacious than the former.

2. Balcony cabins

Understandable by the name itself, balcony cabins have an extended space along with the room, which is the balcony. These cabins allow you to step out to your room’s adjacent veranda and enjoy the feel of the open ocean breeze.


  • Balconies provide a private outdoor area. In this private space, you can comfortably roam around, sit, and enjoy your food and drinks. 
  • A star attraction of the balcony rooms is that even though you step out of your room, you are not leaving the room. 
  • You can enjoy the ocean view from the comfort of your living space. The floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors let you experience an expansive view of the night sky and sparkling ocean waters.

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3. All the amenities are almost similar to ocean-view cabins., Suites or stateroom cabins

Suites are a specialty of any cruise ship that extends high-end facilities to your fingertips. Another major perk of suites on any cruise line is the availability of everything premium in the cabin.


  • Suites tend to be generally larger than all the other cabins or staterooms on board. But, one of their star attractions is the in-room bar facility.
  • You can take advantage of personal butlers at your doorstep 24*7. Everything usable in the room from the bedding to shower essentials is crafted with top-class quality. 
  • Their doors, windows, bathtub, shower facilities, wardrobes, and balconies are bigger, more spacious, and better.

Suites or staterooms are of multiple types such as ocean suites, captain suites, owner’s suites, grand suites, penthouses, and duplex suites. These different cruise ships also offer more types of suites with slight variations between them. That entirely depends on the cruise line, voyage distance, and duration of the cruise.

4. Interior or inside cabins

Interior cabins are the rooms that are located in the inside corridors of the ship. To get a view of the oceanic horizon from these cabins, you have to travel to the upper decks of the ship. The interior cabins have basic cruise stays facilities, such as a TV set, bathroom essentials, comfortable bedding, and other general amenities.


  • Interior rooms are compact and on the lesser expensive side. 
  • Some cruise lines have added a watch screen inside these cabins to showcase the outside ocean waters and skies. 

Interior or inside cabins are of two types depending on occupancy. There are single-occupancy interior rooms and extended cabins for family occupancy.

Final word

Many cruise lines make special accommodations on the basis of any special occasion. Also, some of the rooms that have special amenities such as personal butlers and extra spacious spaces have more price tagged to them than others. Choose the cabins that best suit you, taking a close look at the amenities and facilities onboard in these cabins.

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