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What things are allowed or not allowed on a ship?

Learn about the rules and restrictions, and allowances that apply, so you can make the most of your vacation at sea.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruise ships are like floating cities, and they offer a variety of activities and services for their guests. However, just like any other form of travel, there are certain restrictions and regulations in place to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on board. 

What things are allowed or not allowed on a ship?

Things that are allowed on a ship

1. Personal items:

The first and most obvious categories of items that are allowed on a cruise ship are personal items. These include clothing, toiletries, and other personal hygiene items. It's important to pack everything you need for your trip, as the shops on board can be expensive and limited in their selection. In addition to personal items, guests are allowed to bring cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices. However, it's important to note that some cruise lines have restrictions on the use of certain electronics, such as drones.

2. Medications:

Guests are also allowed to bring their medications onboard a cruise ship. It's important to bring enough medication for the entire duration of the cruise, as it may be difficult to obtain certain medications while at sea. Additionally, guests should bring a copy of their prescription, as this can help if they need to refill their medication while on board.

3. Alcohol: 

Many cruise lines allow guests to bring a limited amount of alcohol on board. Typically, guests are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or champagne per person or a limited amount of beer or spirits. However, it's important to check with the cruise line before packing alcohol, as some lines have different policies on this. Guests are not allowed to consume their alcohol in public areas, and they may be subject to a corkage fee if they wish to consume their wine or champagne in the dining room.

4. Sports equipment: 

Many cruise lines have sports facilities on board, such as basketball courts, mini-golf courses, and jogging tracks. Guests are allowed to bring their own sports equipment, such as basketballs, golf clubs, and running shoes. However, it's important to note that some equipment may be prohibited for safety reasons.

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Things that are not allowed on a ship

1. Food:

While guests are not allowed to bring their food onboard a cruise ship, there are plenty of dining options available. Most cruises offer a range of restaurants and dining venues, including buffets, formal dining rooms, and specialty restaurants. Additionally, guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies can request special meals in advance. 

2. Pets:

Pets are generally not allowed onboard cruise ships, except for service animals. However, it's important to check with the cruise line before bringing a service animal on board, as some lines have specific policies and requirements.

3. Weapons:

Weapons including firearms and knives are strictly prohibited onboard cruise ships. This includes both personal weapons and items such as hunting equipment. Guests found to have weapons will be subject to immediate removal from the ship and may face legal consequences.

4. Drugs:

The use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited onboard cruise ships. Guests found to violate this policy will be subject to immediate removal from the ship and may face legal consequences.

Other prohibited items:

In addition to the items listed above, several other items are typically prohibited onboard cruise ships. These include fireworks, candles, and other flammable items, as well as items that could be considered a safety hazard, such as hoverboards or drones.


Cruise ships offer a wide variety of activities and amenities for passengers to enjoy during their vacations. However, there are certain restrictions on what is allowed or not allowed on board to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and crew members. While each cruise line may have its specific policies and guidelines, generally, prohibited items include illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks, and other hazardous materials. Additionally, there may be limitations on alcohol consumption and smoking areas. Passengers need to familiarize themselves with the cruise line's policies and guidelines before embarking on their journey to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

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