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What are different activities offered on MSC cruise ships?

Want to know about the onboard activities available at the MSC cruise ships? Here are all the details of the activities you can enjoy at the MSC Cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Cruises has introduced an all-new line-up of activities and entertainment for all the guests onboard. They provide around-clock activities throughout the cruise excursion tour. Making the trip through the oceans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What activities can you experience on the MSC cruise ships?

Continue reading this piece to know about all the different activities offered at the MSC cruise ships.

Different activities offered on MSC cruise ships

MSC Cruise offers a wide range of fun activities on its ships. These include various entertainment, sporting, clubbing, and partying activities. Create your itinerary by keeping as many favorite activities as possible. Here is a list of all activities that you can enjoy at MSC Cruises.

Entertainment activities

You can enjoy several entertainment activities while on board at MSC Cruises. Here are all the details about the entertainment activities available:

  • 4D Cinemas: Enjoy one of the most unique cinematic experiences while onboard MSC Cruises. 
  • Family Game Show:  Inspired by the MSC Cruises’ original web series "Kelly & Kloe On Board", this activity includes dance, music, and several games for kids and families.  
  • Casino: MSC Cruises offers a carefully curated range of games for everyone. You can play Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, or choose from several slot machines. 
  • Family Disco: Family Disco at MSC Cruises offers special disco time for families onboard. 
  • Billiard Room: If you find leisure in the sound of wooden balls clashing against each other, Billiard Room on MSC Cruises is heaven for you.  
  • Bowling & Mini Bowling: Enjoy your time at MSC Cruises bowling with your family at the top-class Bowling Alley.  
  • Arcade: If you love playing video games such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Pinball, Arcade and MSC Cruises offer unlimited fun for kids and families. 

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Sporting activities

Playing sports while on a cruise journey sounds a little interesting but unreal. However, MSC Cruises offers several sporting tournaments for guests onboard.

  • Basketball Tournament: Be the ‘man of the match’ at MSC Cruises by participating in the Basketball tournament organized by this cruise.
  • Soccer Tournament: Show your tricks and skills in the soccer tournaments organized at MSC Cruises. 
  • Tennis Tournament: Play your heart out at the Tennis tournament onboard. 
  • Ping Pong Tournament: Ping Pong or Table Tennis is one of the most fun indoor games. Challenge your friends and family at Ping Pong tournaments organized onboard. 
  • Volleyball Tournament: Lead your team to the ultimate glory of being the best volleyball team onboard at MSC Cruises. 
  • Table Soccer Tournament: Table Soccer or foosball is one of the most interesting games to play with your friends. If you have a free day in your itinerary, participate in foosball tournaments onboard.

Event activities

Who doesn’t love to participate in shows and parties while on a cruise journey? Fortunately, MSC Cruises hosts some incredible events on its cruise ship. Here are some of them that you can attend while onboard:

  • Masterchef: Participate in the onboard cooking competition based on the world-famous food show MasterChef at MSC Cruises.
  • MSC Factor: Based on the British Reality Show X-Factor, MSC Factor is the MSC Cruises’ talent show.   
  • White Party: Attend the White Party dressed in all-white clothes, organized at the MSC Cruises.
  • Beer Festival: It is one of the most fun-filled activities organized at MSC Cruises. Participate in the Master of Beer Competition and have an experience of a lifetime. 
  • Sail-away Party: Experience the incredible show put on by the entertainment team and dancers on board during the ship’s departure.

Other interesting activities offered on MSC cruise ships

Other than these aforementioned activities, MSC Cruises offers several other activities for its guests, such as:

  • Pool deck
  • Doremi Castle Aqua Adventure Park 
  • Yoga classes
  • Live music
  • Art auction
  • Waterslides  (which is a must try on MSC Seaside Cruise Ship)
  • Shopping

Final Takeaway

MSC Cruises offers a huge range of activities for its guests. Plan your itinerary accordingly so that you can enjoy as many activities onboard. MSC Cruises offers something called Fun Pass, which gives you unlimited access to all the activities available during the entire duration of your cruise journey. Make sure to review the latest MSC Cruise Deals to secure the best discounts when booking your cruise.

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