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Which cruise ships have the best balconies?

Explore the ultimate luxury and views with this guide to the finest cruise ship balconies.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A balcony is one of the most desired amenities in cruising accommodation. Something is enticing about having your private outdoor place on a cruise ship, where you can soak up the sea breeze, take in the scenery, and unwind without distractions. Balcony cabins vary significantly in size and design between cruise lines and ships, so it's important to research your alternatives before booking.

5 Best Balcony Staterooms on Cruise Ships

1. Cove balcony cabins on the Carnival cruise line

Carnival Cruise Line's Cove Balcony cabins are a unique spin on the typical balcony stateroom. Their location distinguishes them, as they are built into the steel hull of the ship close to the waterline and near the lifeboats. This distinctive location offers passengers a one-of-a-kind perspective of the sea. Cove Balcony cabins provide more privacy as no balconies hang off the ship's sides. Instead, there's a slot in the ship's superstructure where you can sit and watch the waves 20 to 25 feet below. It's like getting a free front-row seat to a splashing wave display.

2. Infinite veranda cabins on Celebrity cruises

Celebrity Cruises takes a unique approach to balcony cabins. Instead of standard balconies that stretch outward, these cabins have "Infinite Verandas." At the touch of a button, the top half of your stateroom's floor-to-ceiling glass wall glides down, practically bringing the outside in. This one-of-a-kind design lets you enjoy fresh ocean air and panoramic views while still enclosing a piece of your room for seclusion. These cabins have more interior space than their Solstice-class counterparts, giving them an excellent choice for travelers who prefer ample accommodations.

3. Super studio balcony cabins on Royal Caribbean

Finding balcony apartments without paying exorbitant fees might be difficult for solo travelers. On the other hand, Royal Caribbean hopes to level the playing field with Super Studio Balcony Cabins on its Quantum-class ships. These cabins have up to 199 square feet of interior space and a 55-foot balcony and are designed and priced for lone travelers. This spacious balcony accommodates two seats and a small table, making it an ideal area to unwind and enjoy the scenery. Because there are only a limited number of these cabins per ship, solo travelers should book early to acquire one of these prized lodgings.

4. Rear-facing cabins on any cruise line

Rear-facing balcony staterooms are always in high demand, regardless of cruise line. These suites offer breathtaking views as the ship departs from ports of call, and their balconies are frequently more extensive than those on the ship's sides. Many customers prefer these accommodations for the privacy and serenity they provide while staring over the ship's wake. Corner cabins, for example, offer more outside space, frequently wrapping around the ship's edges. However, you should know that these cabins may lack shade and experience more motion than cabins in the ship's center. As a result, there might be better options for folks who get seasick quickly.

5. AquaTheater suites on Royal Caribbean

Passengers on Royal Caribbean's Oasis-class ships can enjoy the ultimate balcony experience with AquaTheater Suites. These one- and two-bedroom suites provide views of the Aqua Theater and overlook the back of the ship. Imagine sitting on your private balcony and watching high-diving exhibitions with artists leaping from 30-foot platforms into the deepest pools at sea. There's no need for tickets or to compete for seats because everything is right outside your door. The larger suites can accommodate up to eight guests and have a substantial outdoor space, ideal for organizing outdoor events or alfresco dining.

6. Sky suites on Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises' Sky Suites elevate balcony luxury to new heights. These suites on ships like the Sky Princess, Enchanted Princess, and the future Discovery Princess have the most oversized cruise ship balconies of any stateroom in the industry. There are lounging areas, a dry bar, alfresco dining settings, and a TV nook on the 1,012-square-foot balcony. The unique bonus of a private viewing of the ship's massive Movies Under the Stars screen distinguishes these suites. While enjoying the ultimate outdoor cinema experience, you may even request a screening of your favorite movie.

7. Excel Presidential suites on the Carnival cruise line

Carnival Cruise Line's Excel Presidential Suites are an excellent option for individuals searching for an extravagant balcony experience. These enormous apartments provide forward-facing views similar to those enjoyed by the ship's captain. The large 645-square-foot balcony features twin sunbeds, loungers, an outdoor dining table, a private soaking pool, and even an outdoor shower. These suite guests also have unlimited access to Loft 19, a particular resting area with luxurious loungers and cabanas intended only for suite guests. Furthermore, Carnival provides slightly less expensive Excel Corner Suites with open-air hot tubs on wraparound balconies for that extra touch of luxury.

Final words

The most extraordinary balcony cabins at sea appeal to various tastes and requirements. Whether you're looking for distinctive vistas, big rooms, or fun amenities, cruise lines have designed balcony experiences for everyone. When planning your next cruise, consider the type of balcony cabin that resonates with you the most and embark on a voyage filled with breathtaking vistas and unforgettable moments.

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