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What items are banned on cruises?

Read out which items are strictly prohibited on cruises. Don't get caught out & travel fully prepared!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises are the ideal getaway for those looking for adventure, leisure, and a respite from the daily grind. Some goods are prohibited to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone on board, even while cruise companies work hard to give their customers a memorable and pleasant experience. In this complete guide, we will examine the many goods that are restricted on cruises, the justifications for these limitations, and some crucial advice to make your cruise holiday a breeze.

List of Items Banned on the Cruise

1. Alcohol and beverages

Excessive alcohol consumption and beverages are among cruises' most frequently prohibited items. Since onboard bars and restaurants account for a sizable percentage of the money generated by cruise lines, most of them have tight rules regarding carrying alcohol on board. A bottle of wine or champagne is frequently the maximum amount of alcohol that passengers are permitted to transport for personal use. Large amounts of alcohol that are attempted to be brought onto the ship may be confiscated or even result in eviction.

2. Firearms and weapons

Carrying firearms and other weapons can present a serious risk to passengers and staff members aboard cruise ships, which are often thought of as secure environments. Guns, knives, and other weapons are thus categorically forbidden on cruises. Law enforcement officials with the appropriate authorization may be granted an exception, but it is crucial to notify the cruise line in advance and abide by their rules.

3. Illegal drugs and substances

There is zero tolerance for the use of illicit drugs and substances on cruise ships. This covers illicit narcotics, prescription pharmaceuticals obtained without a prescription, and any controlled substances. Violation of these guidelines may result in immediate debarment from the cruise ship and, in some situations, legal repercussions.

4. Flammable items

Flammable materials are typically prohibited on cruise ships because safety is the first priority. Fireworks, candles, incense, and campfire stoves fall within this category. Cruise lines take the risk of a fire from any open flame very seriously. Battery-operated candles or LED lights are advised for use by travelers as a safer option.

5. Pets and animals

Although they may be a part of the family, pets are not permitted aboard cruise ships. Except for service animals with sufficient certification, pets and animals are not permitted. Pet needs cannot be met on cruise ships, and guests with allergies may experience problems due to the close quarters.

6. Hoverboards and Segways

Many cruise lines have outlawed Segways and hoverboards due to safety concerns. Both the rider and other passengers may be at risk from these self-balancing vehicles, particularly in the cramped quarters of a cruise ship. Before bringing such products on board, it is imperative to confirm the cruise line's specific rules.

7. Drones

Despite their rising popularity, drones are often not allowed on cruises. Drones can impede ship navigation and other guests' privacy since the airspace surrounding cruise ships is constrained. Drones may be permitted on some cruise lines, but only under very tight conditions.

8. Skateboards and rollerblades

On cruise ships, it's common practice to prohibit skateboards, rollerblades, and other wheeled recreational equipment. In congested regions, these objects can endanger public safety and harm the ship's surfaces. If you enjoy skating or rollerblading a lot, it's important to ask the cruise company about their specific restrictions or think about finding other ways to pass the time while on board.

9. Irons and steamers

Due to the potential of catching fire, irons and steamers are typically not allowed in staterooms on cruise ships. Instead, ships have designated spaces with ironing equipment for passenger use and offer laundry services, including pressing and dry cleaning.

10. Clothing with offensive content

Family-friendly places like cruise ships do not permit inappropriate attire. Typically, anything with objectionable words, symbols, or images is prohibited. A dress code that encourages a courteous and pleasurable environment for everyone on board is suggested for passengers to follow.

11. Fishing gear

Normally, it is not permitted to bring fishing equipment on cruises. Fishing from cruise ships is strictly prohibited, as is tossing anything into the ocean. These activities risk endangering marine life and interfering with the ship's navigation.

12. Dive tanks and scuba gear

Scuba equipment and dive tanks are often not permitted aboard cruise ships unless you participate in a cruise-sponsored excursion. Scuba diving high-pressure cylinders need specific handling and storage, which cruise companies offer for their excursions.

13. Travel irons and coffee makers

Travel irons and coffee makers with hot components are prohibited aboard cruise ships to reduce fire risk. Instead, to satisfy these demands, ships provide coffee shops and laundry facilities. Some cruise companies even have specialized facilities with irons and ironing boards for passengers.

14. Personal motorized vehicles

Due to safety concerns and a lack of storage room, personal motorized vehicles like mopeds, electric scooters, and electric skateboards are normally not allowed aboard cruise liners.

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Final words

Cruise vacations are a wonderful way to relax and see new places, but it's important to be aware of the prohibited goods on board. These regulations are put in place by cruise companies to guarantee the welfare of all travelers and crew members. To prevent any problems or misunderstandings, take the time to become familiar with the unique regulations of your selected cruise company before beginning your cruise trip. You may have a pleasant sailing experience and can maximize your cruise holiday experience by following these rules.

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