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Are Cheap Cruises available for Christmas?

Are cruises cheap during the Christmas holidays? Read the truth about holiday cruise prices and find out if you can sail away without breaking the bank.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The holiday season is a lovely time of year when families gather, and traditions are joyfully cherished. However, some people want to avoid the cold temperatures and chaotic holiday preparations by going on a Christmas cruise. It holds a unique attraction for them. But is cruising during Christmas affordable?

Various Christmas Cruise Options

Before digging into the financial aspects, it's essential to understand the various Christmas cruise options available. Traditional ocean cruises that sail during Christmas are available, packed with festive décor and unique entertainment on board. There are also Christmas river cruises in Europe where you can visit attractive villages with Christmas markets along the river. These alternatives cater to various preferences so that you can select the best option for you.


While Christmas cruises provide a unique and enchanting holiday experience, they can be costly. The high demand for cruise excursions over the holiday season drives up prices significantly. Cruise lines recognize the allure of escaping the winter chill and the holiday chaos, and as a result, they tend to charge premium rates for cabins during Christmas and New Year. Additionally, flight prices can rise in December, increasing the overall cost of your cruise excursion. Early planning and booking are key for securing the most significant rates and cabins since procrastination might result in restricted availability and even higher pricing. While Christmas cruises have numerous advantages, including a vacation from usual holiday stress, the possibility of greater prices is an important consideration when considering whether they are the perfect decision for your holiday celebration.

Why Cruise during Christmas?

1. An alternative to holiday stress

The ability to escape the stress of holiday preparations is a key benefit of choosing a Christmas cruise. You can relax aboard a cruise ship instead of decorating the house, wrapping presents, and hosting extended family gatherings. Most cruise lines go over and above to create a festive environment with decorations and special dinners. This break from the usual holiday craziness might be a welcome relief.

2. Bringing family together

Bringing everyone together for Christmas can be a logistical hardship as families grow and loved ones spread out worldwide. A Christmas cruise provides a unique alternative, allowing family members from many areas to gather in one spot without the stress of hosting. It's an opportunity to reconnect and rejoice without the regular obligations.

3. Creating memories

If your family has followed the same holiday customs for years, a Christmas cruise might add excitement and freshness to your festivities. You will not only visit new places, but you will also make memories that will last a lifetime. Celebrating Christmas on a cruise ship can be unlike anything you've ever done before.

4. Enjoying better weather

The notion of celebrating Christmas in tropical locations can be especially tempting to individuals who live in colder climates. Getting away from snowy roads and layers of winter gear to relax by the pool, explore sunny beaches, or participate in water sports can make your vacation truly memorable. For many, the expenditure can be justified solely by the weather.

5. Flexible timings

If you can't decide whether to spend Christmas at home or on a cruise, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Throughout the month of December, several cruise lines offer Christmas-themed cruises. This adaptability lets you enjoy a Christmas cruise while maintaining your typical holiday routines.

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Final Words

Finally, whether or not a Christmas cruise is worthwhile is determined by your choices, priorities, and budget. While there are indisputable benefits to spending the holidays at sea, the related costs, preparation requirements, and family cooperation can all be significant considerations. The holiday enchantment can be experienced both on land and at sea, so choose the option that best fits your wants and traditions. 

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