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How to pick a cabin on a cruise ship?

Choosing the right cabin is an important part of booking a cruise that can determine your voyage experience. Here are 7 useful tips by cruisebooking to help you choose right.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The price of a cruise trip varies as per the type of accommodation. Different cruise lines offer several categories of accommodations that are primarily divided into two categories – cabins and staterooms.

Amid all the public spaces on a cruise ship, your cabin is the private place where you can relax. After a day of excursions and onboard activities, this will be your go-to place. There are many more reasons why you need to make sure that the cabin or stateroom you are getting can cater to your requirements.

How to pick a cabin on a cruise ship?

Here is a guide to choosing the ideal cabin for your vacation.

Top 7 Factors to Keep in Mind While Booking a Cabin

Following are some of the characteristics of accommodations on a cruise ship that you must know before booking your cabin. Keep reading to know more:

1. Type of the Cabin

Each cruise ship offers varying degrees of quarters for accommodations. By booking a cabin with double occupancy, you can get spacious staterooms for your entire family on a Cruise. However, the question here is, what is suitable for you?

If you are a party animal and will use the room just for the sake of it, then you may get by with the most humble of the cabins. Otherwise, if you are traveling with family, a spacious stateroom is your best choice. Opt for a stateroom with a balcony to prevent suffocation which can be common in extended periods on the sea.

2. Position of the Cabin

The position of your cabin determines the kind of experience you will get onboard. You may choose to stay near the pool for better accessibility. However, keep in mind that round-the-clock poolside activities might come in the way of your relaxation.

Also, to enjoy those magnificent views, book your cabins and staterooms on the starboard side. This is where you witness the most enchanting sunsets.

3. Book Early

This one is the golden rule when booking a cruise. If you are planning a vacation with your family, then you should avoid making a last-minute booking. Family staterooms are fewer in number, so book as fast as you can to prevent last-minute headaches. Early bookings not only get you exciting prices; but also allows you to choose the staterooms of your choice.

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4. Noise

It is something we tend to forget, but cruise ships can be noisy! Though, these ships use insulations and soundproofing to keep sounds to a minimum. Yet, there are areas on a cruise that are full of ostensibly loud sounds - like elevators, clubs, and theaters.

It is a good idea to steer clear of those areas while booking your cabin. It helps you retain the serenity of your private space. Moreover, it can be necessary too if you are traveling with kids.

5. Size of the Cabin

Cabins on a Cruise are often on the compact side of the size spectrum. Irrespective of the occupancy limit, more than 2 adults in a stateroom can become a little stuffy. Make sure to adequately learn about the actual dimensions of the cabin before booking your tickets.

6. Amenities

The type of cabin you choose determines if you will get complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi or need to pay for it. While Celebrity Cruises are known to offer all including deals to all its patrons, some cruises offer this amenity in exchange for a charge. Hence, it is a good idea to thoroughly learn about the kind of amenities you will get with your cabin.

7. Added Perks

Luxury staterooms are often a bit pricey, but they also come with loads of added benefits. Be it 24x7 service, complimentary drinks, or access to the premium lounge, clubs, and spas. It spoils you with luxury. So, if you actively seek different onboard activities, then consider checking out some of the premium experiences on the cruise.


The sizes and amenities of cabins and staterooms differ according to cruise lines. These amenities are also affected by tour itineraries. So, make sure to discuss them with your travel agent before booking your cabin onboard. Bon Voyage! 

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