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Are cruise cabin prices per person?

What is the price structure of a cruise cabin? Cruise lines offer several categories of cabins with unique features for different prices.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises give you the convenience of enjoying the luxury of a resort with the pleasures of touring exotic places. While your ship will have several activities to keep you engaged through the tour, you may also need spots to relax or chill.

Are cruise cabin prices per person?

Depending on your preference and availability, you can either get a cabin or a lavish stateroom to complement your vacation goals. Keep reading to learn how service providers calculate cabin prices for a cruise.

How Cruise Ships are Priced?

The cabin prices on a cruise ship vary as per the category of cabin you choose. A better category of cabin or stateroom comes with many added benefits that make up for the extra dollars spent.

If you are traveling solo, chances are you will have to pay the price for 2 people. However, many cruise lines are offering special single-occupancy cabins for solo travelers. So, if you are planning to travel solo, ask your travel agent to get you a solo cabin to escape paying for another person's fare.

Types of Cruise Cabins

On board a cruise, you can have all the experiences of being in a luxury hotel. From a fine décor to high-tech facilities and fun activities, the cruise gives you a complete package. When you are getting everything of your choice, why not cabins as well?

All cruise lines provide mainly 4 categories of cabins to the guests. Each of these categories has its benefits and services that come along with it. Here is a complete overview of each category of the cabin to choose the right one suited for your requirements.

  • Interior: This is the most basic category of cabin you can find onboard a cruise line. It comes with all the fundamental amenities like 2 beds, a wardrobe, and a safe along with an attached washroom with a shower. Interior cabins range from $130-$150 per person and go all the way up to over $300 based on the tour itinerary. 
  • Oceanview: As the name suggests, you get an attractive view of the ocean along with this category of cabins. You can find it to be a bit more spacious than the interior rooms. Depending on the duration of the tour, prices for these types of cabins start from around $250 and go up to over $400 per person.
  • Balcony: Having a balcony inside your cabin adds a special charm to your tour. Here you can have your private moment while you share a morning coffee or evening aperitif with your loved one. If you crave privacy on the bustling cruise, then this is the most affordable option you can get on a cruise ship. The price of a stateroom with a balcony ranges from $250 to over $500 per person.
  • Suite: When traveling with family, it is ideal to opt for a suite. The suite comes with a spacious living room for you to spend quality time with your family. You will also get a refrigerator and a private tub to wind down as you enjoy some me-time. The luxurious experience of a suite costs you at least $500 for each person and goes above $1000, considering the duration of your tour.

What to Expect in Cabin Price?

Each cabin on a cruise offers complimentary packages of food, and drinks along with access to some onboard activities. With the superior category of staterooms, you will also get some extra perks like 24x7 room service and access to premium clubs.

Some cruise lines issue special coupons for those premium customers that you can later redeem on shore excursions and other activities.

Final Note

When going for a cabin, it is best not to book the ones that are free of turbulence. This reduces the risk of getting seasick. Also, remember booking early is always the best option to get cabins at an affordable price.

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