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What are kid activities on a cruise?

Embark into the world of excitement and everything fun with your kids on a cruise. Browse through these exciting suggestions to level up your cruise vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Venturing out for an exciting family vacation on a cruise ship? Then you must know about the many activities surpassing age groups for the ultimate fun. Finding the best cruise for spending quality time with your kids can be a challenging task with lots of exciting options to choose from. Nowadays, there are various creative activities to keep young minds engaged.

What are the Top Fun Activities for Kids on a Cruise?

Starting from thrilling water slides to fun arcades, the options are endless. To make this easier, here is a list of popular activities present on different cruise ships that you can opt for engaging in optimum fun.

Royal Caribbean Waterparks

Playing with water is one of the favorite things for every kid. Hence it is one of the greatest attractions on any cruise ship. The Royal Caribbean has done wonders with the waterworks in their line of ships.

There are 10 water parks present in different ships belonging to this line. One of those is the Splashaway Bay Aqua Park. The colorful water slides are the eye-catching features of these waterparks. Children can get into ankle-length pools and play to their heart's content. Other aquatic playthings include water cannons, drench buckets, etc.

Norwegian Cruise Arcades

The cruise ships of Norwegian excel in devoting the most spacious area to arcades. Apart from standard arcade games, there are a couple of virtual stimulators for a grasping experience. Feel the magic in the Galaxy Pavilion of the arcade division. Entitled to a VR experience, you just need to put on your goggles to get a free ride into the world of dinosaurs or racing fields and other adventurous ventures.

Royal Caribbean's Adventure Ocean

Royal Caribbean excels again in upholding joyful play clubs for children of various ages. DJ classes, fun games, and several video games are there for toddlers, teens, and everyone in between. Moreover, these games enhance in the building of good habits in kids.

The game My Family Time Dining helps kids to finish their dinners as quickly as possible. Parents can count on leaving the children to friendly counselors and staff. They can also make friends while being there and spend a playful time with them.

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Disney Cruise Lines

If your kid is obsessed with Disney characters, then this is the perfect cruise line for spending time with them. Every Disney ship carries exciting features that take fun for kids on a different level.

Apart from the meet and greets with Disney characters, there are fireworks, kid-friendly cabins, hot baths, and many more. Seeing their favorite characters come to life will be thrilling and spectacular for every child.

Carnival Cruise Lines Waterslides

The Green Thunder is one of the fastest and steepest water slides on the Carnival cruise line. If you're up for some thrilling fun then get into this waterslide with your kid for the experience of a lifetime. 

This is exclusively present in the cruise ships Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend. Apart from this, another monstrously fun water slide includes the Twister Waterslide of the Carnival Splendor. It has almost 104 meters of twists and turns, which are sure to take you on a spiraling journey of fun.

MSC Cruises’ Robotron

If your child meets the age, height, and weight criteria of being at least 7 years old and no less than 4 feet tall, weighing 298 pounds, then they are eligible to go into this ride. Also, going by the name of Kuka Coaster, this German technology is the eye-catching ride of the MSC Seascape cruise ship.

There are certain rules and regulations to abide by while getting into this ride. Once you follow those and get into a sky-high position, you can enjoy the spectacular view, which can be one of the marvelous family experiences.

Final Word

These are some of the exciting and adventurous entertainment options apt for enjoying with kids of all ages. However, certain rides require fees while others come with the package. Don't forget to check these before getting into a ride. Also, remember to follow all kinds of safety precautions while checking out these rides and enjoy the most out of these adrenaline boosters.

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