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Ultimate Guide to Cruising with Kids

Want to go cruising with kids? Here's the ultimate guide to ensure smooth sailing.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When cruising with kids, the destinations you'll visit and the experiences you'll have are boundless. It's the perfect family formula: plenty of food, entertainment, and activities apt for kids and teenagers. That's why cruising has been a cornerstone of group vacations. With everything from on-deck playgrounds to pools and incredibly serene staterooms, there is so much for the whole family to relax at sea. These unparalleled cruise memories will forever be etched in your family's heart.

An Ultimate Guide to Cruising with Kids

1. Get feedback from your family

To pick the finest cruise for your family, ask them about their favorite destinations and activities. There are a plethora of kid-friendly cruises. Selecting the appropriate cruise and cruise ship is of paramount importance. Also, keep in mind the week in which you wish to cruise. If your child is small and does not attend school, then off-season cruise destinations are ideal. Sailings are quieter, fares are lower, and kids’ facilities are less crowded during this time. Alaska, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada/New England, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Mediterranean are some of the most popular family cruise destinations. Therefore, knowing which best cruise line is for first timers family travelling and what cruise line is kid-friendly is important.

2. Make Reservations for the Most Unique Experiences for Your Family

Taking a cruise with added family activities can be a great way to spend time together as a family while also trying new things and seeing something for the first time. Swimming programs, yoga sessions, fitness workshops, and kids’ parties are all offered on most cruises. It's absolutely essential to begin your preparation with a booking estimate in order to set and stay in a budget. If your kids are interested in movie theatres’, ice-skating rinks, and rock-climbing, then setting a budget will help you gauge your expected expenses.

Whether you want to spend some time together without the kids on your cruise, make sure you know if that is an option by looking into the relevant babysitter services. While some cruises include these amenities as part of the cruise package, others may charge an additional fee.

3. What Preparations Should be made?

Know ahead of time what the sleeping configuration is in your stateroom. Remember to bring any medications your children may require. Bring something that will help your youngster feel at ease – a favorite toy or his/her comfort blanket will ensure that your child has a good time on his/her holiday away from home. Also, always keep some snacks in handy for your little ones to deal with those untimely hunger pangs.

4. Consider the Cruise Length

Your interests and itinerary mostly determine the length of your cruise with children. To keep boredom at bay, keep a strict schedule for eating meals, playing games, and going on excursions the longer the stay. Believe it or not, shore excursions are one of the most crucial factors to consider when planning a cruise. Having some fun activities planned for every port of call will guarantee an enjoyable time with your loved ones.


It's not always easy to plan the ultimate family trip, especially when you're pandering to varying generations and expectations. With this ultimate guide, you can have the cruise vacation of their dreams while cruising with kids.

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