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5 Best Beaches in Auckland For Tourists and families

Family picnics or water sports adventures? What will your pick be when you visit the 5 best beaches in Auckland?

By Cruise Booking Team

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Beach holidays are the perfect choice to get away from the regular, monotonous chores of life. These little pieces of heaven on earth provide solace and comfort and cater to the needs of vacationers as per their desires. Auckland is famous for its scenic beauty and the beaches that it boasts. Auckland, a famous city in New Zealand, is blessed with nature’s splendour and offers some of the world’s most breath taking scenery to visitors. This urban oasis with refreshing water bodies is a sight to behold for many. The 5 best beaches of Auckland are noted below.

Top 5 Beaches in Auckland

1. Takapuna Beach

The magnificent sandy haven- this beach has it all. Situated to the south-east of Auckland Cruises, Takapuna beach not only gives beautiful panoramic views but is also a place of music and dance. Moreover, accompanied by the sound of soothing waves are the walking trails, giving you a sense of peace and oneness with nature. The coastline is always bustling with joy and excitement as it attracts tourists from all over. Windsurfing, kite flying, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and a lot more is available at this beautiful and happy beach in Auckland.

2. Bethells Beach

Te Henga, also known as the Bethells, is one of the island's smaller, more peaceful beaches. The not-so-deep lagoon is one of the favourite places on the beach among tourists. The Waitakere River meets the sea at this point of the creek. With fortification and access to ancient sites, it is also a historically important region. The lovely green grass and the slow sound of the waves that crash against the cliff add to the ambience of the spot. It is one of the top beaches in Auckland.

3. Orewa Beach

In the competition for the 5 best beaches of Auckland is the Orewa beach, which has a lot of dining and accommodation options. This beach resort is in downtown Auckland and is a favourite among families for its wholesome environment. The locals visit it regularly with their pets, as part of their walks and runs. This coast beach is the perfect mix of soothing blue waters and rough-edged cliffs. The vibrant hospitality that vacationers receive from the locals, makes this beach the perfect place to relax and have some fun.

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4. Piha Beach

This west coast surf beach is one of the top beaches in Auckland. The rugged beauty of the landscape blended with the clear Tasman Sea waves is majorly popular among surfers. In close vicinity is the Lion Rock Island, which is yet another popular location for many. The natural beauty of the place is quite a benchmark for photography enthusiasts. The black sand under the pinkish-orange sunset is one of the specialities of the place. The place is dotted with cafes and eateries to fill your appetite for delicious snacks. Stunning views of the deep blue water and clear skies are something you wouldn’t want to miss.

5. Cheltenham Beach

This must-visit beach in Auckland is one of the most favourite getaway places during summers. A ferry to Devonport will be one of the best choices you can make if you want a relaxing day by the seaside. This beach is perfect for visitors who take a particular interest in swimming and kayaking among the many water adventures. Cheltenham Beach is also in close proximity to the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum and North Heda Historic Reserve. These places provide a fascinating insight into the culture and rich history of New Zealand.

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Auckland is a beautiful city, with a lot of history and beautiful sights to make your vacation the best you have ever had. You can even take a cruise vacation to Auckland and make your holiday even more special.

Visit and plan your next vacation on a luxury cruise. The experience will leave you with beautiful memories for a lifetime.

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