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Best Things To Do On Eurodam

From entertainment to relaxation, there are several things to do onboard Eurodam. See why Holland America’s Eurodam is a favorite amongst avid cruisers.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Are you ready to experience a soul-satisfying vacation onboard the Eurodam? Wait for a second! Did you work out your to-do list? Here are a few pointers that you should add to your list to make your cruise more vibrant.

Eurodam Cruise vacation is a perfect option for your family, whether you are a family of 2-4 members or 5-10 members or if you are a newly married couple. Travelers often get astonished by the balance, depth, and authenticity, and are impressed with the signature class service. The cruise is designed in a classy style with elegant staterooms. Travelers get a diverse choice in suites starting from a signature suite perfect for honeymoon couples offering a breath-taking sea-view.

The cruise has arranged exclusive onboard activities taking care of both entertainment and relaxation factors. Every day you will walk through the music of the ocean, which will make your heart and mind sing. If you are a party lover, then get ready to hit the floor with a live music experience. If you are traveling with kids, no worries because Eurodam has set an array of entertaining events for the age group of 3-17. This is just a mini-teaser of what Eurodam offers. Below you can find a long list of fun things to do on the Eurodam.

Top 5 Things to do onboard Eurodam

1. Satiate Your Taste Buds

There is an excellent option for foodies to start your journey. A team of world-class chefs is constantly in the process of serving the guests the exotic flavors of different parts of the world. You can enjoy your snack time with the burger, pizzas, sandwiches, fries, or hot dogs by the poolside or have a luxurious dinner, lunch, or breakfast in the modern dining room. Here you can find classic dishes, inspired regional dishes, and mouth-watering flavors.Every dish is plated beautifully and complemented with an award-winning collection of wine.

2. Onboard Shopping

Shopping at sea is a different experience where you can explore the latest collection of jewels, accessories, and clothing without any interruption. Several signature shops are set for shopping including big brands.

3. Game of Fortune

Ready to check your fortune in the sea? Casinos are waiting for you with a wide range of gaming options. The casino welcomes voyagers with traditional games such as cards, dice, and blackjack. Your voyage will be incomplete without hitting a bingo ball, the most exciting sea game. The advice received by the experienced staff will enhance your profound knowledge and also you can participate in jackpots and hopefully leave the cruise with lots of money.

4. Relax in Ocean

This is one of the best things to do on the Eurodam to relieve all your stress. The Spa & saloon pampers your skin with facial and massage treatment, and nurtures the skin cells with the goodness of naturally sourced ingredients.

5. Play Time for Kids

This section is a roadmap for kids to plan things to do on Eurodam. A fully facilitated hall is available for kid's entertainment. Kids can take part in various competitions such as treasure hunts, ice cream competitions, karaoke and trivia, jewel making, video games, volleyball tournaments, and more Kids can also enjoy theme and mocktail parties.

Happy Journey

Instead of checking hotel to hotel, you can enjoy a lavish, luxurious journey on the Eurodam. Hope this article has given an idea of the best things to do on the Eurodam. A Don't forget to check for exclusive packages on Wish you a safe and happy journey!

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