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What is the difference between an oceanview and a balcony cabin?

Both oceanview and balcony cabins are popular choices for cruise vacations. Know their differences to choose the right cabin keeping your needs and budget in mind.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When going on a cruise, it is essential to choose the right cabin. Knowing the differences between an ocean view and a balcony cabin is necessary to ensure the proper cabin selection for you and your family on a cruise trip. Often people are confused about which cabins to choose. Waking up to the view of the sea is a dream of every cruiser.

What is the difference between an oceanview and a balcony cabin?

The cabins that you choose can make a difference in your cruise experience. Know the differences between an Oceanview and a balcony before you decide to book.

Oceanview Cabins

An oceanview cabin does not have a balcony. It has windows that help you get stunning views of the ocean. Thus, such a cabin will cater to your need for amazing scenery every time you look out. This is where it differs from inside cabins, which are generally in the middle of the decks without any windows or external ventilation. 

Oceanview cabins have large windows, mostly rectangular. However, you cannot open these to let fresh air inside your cabin. Moreover, the windows come with curtains that help regulate the light coming in. There is not much difference in the price of oceanview cabins from that of the inside cabins. It is within limits for people who prefer oceanview cabins to inside cabins. 

Balcony Cabins

As the name suggests, a balcony cabin comes with a private balcony. The balcony is well furnished with at least two chairs and a table to have breakfast. A divider separates the balcony from other cabins, providing a private outdoor space. It allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the ocean while allowing fresh air inside your cabin. 

Balcony cabins are either similar or a bit larger than oceanview cabins. The sliding doors to a balcony can be opened and closed according to your convenience. They also come with various themes that enhance the decor and your experience. The price of balcony cabins is higher than that of oceanview cabins. 

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Reasons to Choose Oceanview Cabins 

Here are some reasons for choosing Oceanview cabins:

  • Those who cannot afford balcony cabins but wish for natural light and oceanview during the journey usually choose oceanview cabins.
  • The onboard lounges in oceanview cabins are much better than that in a balcony cabin, with a broader ocean view. 
  • As cruises add daily gratuities to your bill onboard, you should spend more time exploring onboard activities than standing on a balcony. Here, an oceanview room encourages you to go out and enjoy such activities. 
  • If you travel with kids, an oceanview room is the best choice. Your cabin will get daylight, and at the same time, there will be no safety issues.

Reasons to Choose Balcony Cabins

You can choose balcony cabins for the following reasons:

  • A balcony cabin suits your requirements if you want an extra bit of luxury but cannot afford a suite. It offers a private open space that gives an amazing ocean view.
  • If you want to spend more time in your cabin than participating in onboard activities, you should go for a balcony cabin. They offer privacy and luxury, and often these come with themes.
  • If you are on a honeymoon looking for privacy away from the crowd on the ship, a balcony cabin gives you a chance to spend a romantic time while enjoying the ocean's view.
  • Even when you do not open the balcony’s door, the floor-to-ceiling glass doors give you the same broader view of the ocean outside. You can also catch glimpses of wildlife passing along with the view of port arrival from your private balcony. 


Consider all these differences between an oceanview cabin and a balcony cabin before you plan your cruise. Sometimes, a themed outside cabin can cost more than a balcony cabin. These vary from ship to ship and also depend upon the perks and amenities. However, a balcony cabin is generally costlier than an oceanview cabin.

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