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What are the most popular cruise destinations?

These 5 most popular cruise destinations promise you an unforgettable cruise experience in 2023. Read to know more.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises are one of the best ways to explore your dream destination. Through cruising, you get to visit places that you cannot otherwise. Choosing cruise lines while picking the best destination for you is the first and primary step. The right cruise line will enhance your overall cruise experience with various onboard activities. Some places are best to visit on a cruise for exploring them in totality.

What are the most popular cruise destinations in 2023?

Below are the five most favorite cruise destinations of cruisers. These destinations are favored over other destinations for the experience people have.

1. Alaska

Alaska is a popular cruise destination because it’s relaxing yet adventurous. The beauty of Alaska can be best explored on a cruise through the waters and the shore excursions that let you explore Alaska at its best.

  • Special Attractions: Glaciers, icebergs, wildlife, natural wonders
  • Places to Visit in Alaska on a Cruise: Juneau, Hubbard Glacier, Ketchikan, Sitka, Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Best Time to Visit Alaska on a Cruise: If you want to witness the beautiful Landscapes, summer is the best time to visit, but you should choose to visit during the spring if you want to witness the wildlife.

2. Mexico

Mexico's all-year-round tropical climate with some of the best beach resorts makes it a popular cruise destination. From the white beaches to historical sites, Mexico can be the best destination, even if you are there for a short period.

  • Special Attractions: White sand beaches, archaeological ruins, colonial towns
  • Places to Visit in Mexico on a Cruise: Monte Alban, Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Great Pyramid of Cholula, El Malecon, Uxmal.
  • Best Time to Visit Mexico on a Cruise: The dry season is the peak season in Mexico for low humidity and is the best time to visit. Remember that July to August is the season for hurricanes, and the climate has high humidity. Most restaurants do not open at this time. 

3. Caribbean

Caribbean cruises are affordable and offer you a unique journey through various tropical destinations. If you don't want to stay in a beach resort but want to experience several beaches via various other destinations, this is your cruise destination.

  • Special Attractions: Underwater sightseeing, canopy tour, wildlife, powerboat rides
  • Places to Visit in the Caribbean on a Cruise: Aruba, Arenal Reserve Zipline, Barbados for caving, Montserrat for volcano tour, Spice Isle, or Grenada.
  • Best Time to Visit the Caribbean on a Cruise: The best time to cruise to the Caribbean is from December to April; the weather is perfectly sunny with no rainfall or hurricane storms. However, during the rainy season, you will get everything at a lower price. Since the Caribbean is known for hurricane storms, you should consider the weather while planning a cruise. 

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4. Iceland and Norway

The land of fire and ice has both volcanoes and glaciers. The natural wonders in Iceland and Norway are a spectacle for everyone; hence it is a popular cruise destinations. Cruising to Norway will give you access to visit and see otherwise inaccessible places.

  • Special Attractions: The beauty of nature, northern lights, fjords, Viking history 
  • Places to Visit in Iceland and Norway on a Cruise: Akureyri, Bergen, Reykjavik, Stavanger, Tromso.
  • Best Time to Visit Iceland and Norway on a Cruise: June to September is the best month to visit. For watching the northern lights, September is the best month. During this time of extended summer days, you can witness whales in prolonged daylight.

5. Bermuda

Bermuda is a popular cruise destination for its crystal clear water. It also features 18th-century English forts and caves to explore, giving people enough reason to choose a cruise to Bermuda for adventure and relaxation.

  • Special Attractions: Cave systems, pink sand beaches, Bermuda Triangle
  • Places to Visit in Bermuda on a Cruise: West Whale Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, Crystal and Fantasy Caves, The National Museum in Bermuda, and Horseshoe Bay. 
  • Best Time to Visit Bermuda on a Cruise: The best time to cruise to Bermuda is from March to late April. The other best time to visit is from May to September. Even in summer, the weather is not unbearable.


The most popular cruise destinations also depend equally on the facilities you get on board. The cruise lines are another part of choosing amongst many popular destinations so that your cruise experience on board perfectly compliments the sightseeing and onshore experiences.

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