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Top 5 Hawaiian Dishes to Try

Foodie by nature and visiting Hawaii? If so, you must read this complete guide on 5 Hawaiian dishes worth trying.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Hawaii is known for its naturally breathtaking landscape and lush beauty. However, true foodies also love the mouth-watering Hawaiian cuisines that this enchanting place offers to its visitors. Hawaii is popular for its rich food and culture and if you long for traditional cuisines, Hawaiian dishes are worth trying. But what fascinates many visitors about Hawaiian culture is its fusion recipes, which blend Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese with a classical Hawaiian touch.


So if you are planning to visit Hawaii, then below, we’ve listed the top 5 Hawaiian cuisines and Hawaiian dishes to try.

List of 5 Must-Eat Local Specialties in Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its diverse ethnicity, which is why tourists find a wide variety of dishes on the Hawaiian island. Let's dive into 5 must-eat local specialities in Hawaii.

1. Poke

The very first Hawaiian dish worth trying is Poke. It is a traditional Hawaiian raw fish dish that is gaining popularity all across the globe these days, thanks to social media. The authentic and traditional Poke is seasoned with the Hawaiian sea salt, also known as pa'akai, seaweed, limu, roasted candlenuts, and cinnamon. However, chefs now use spicy mayo, onions, peppers, and soya sauce for seasoning the more modern version. The dish is served in a bowl, and you will feel an explosion of flavor in your mouth when you take a bite.

2. Lau Lau

A visit to Hawaii is incomplete without giving a try to Lau Lau. It is one of the best traditional Hawaiian recipes. Lau Lau is a dish made from taro leaves and pork. To prepare Lau Lau traditionally, one needs to wrap pork in layers of taro leaves and then cook it in underground hot rocks until it becomes smoky flavored and soft. The rugged cooking style gives the meat its delectable and juicy flavor. One bite and you will be transported to food heaven.

3. Croissada

Croissada is among the top 5 Hawaiian dishes to try. It is a combination of croissant and traditional malasada (yeast-based fried dough balls coated with sugar) You can also say that croissada is an inventive step on malasada. This dessert is popular among travelers. The dish is light and airy filled with sweet custard in the middle. Some people also use local fruit jam in the middle of this sweet treat. These no-hole doughnuts are worth giving a try.

4. Loco Moco

Loco Moco, known to be a signature Hawaiian dish, can be found anywhere on the island. Currently, the dish is available in a variety of ways, but the original Loco Moco dish contains white rice with hamburgers served with brown gravy and fried eggs. However, one has the option to change the hamburger with sausage, chicken, oysters, shrimp, spam, and much more.

5. Kalua Pork

Lastly, the Hawaiian dish worth trying is Kalua Pork. Unlike shredded pork, this dish requires a full pig. For this dish, pork is cooked in an imu oven- traditional underground ovens. The meat is cooked until it starts falling apart and becoming tender. This Hawaiian dish has a unique smoky flavor. You can eat this delicacy on its own or pair it with macaroni salad and rice.

How to Sail Through Hawaii Island?

Now comes the question of how to get to Hawaii. There are various options, but one can take the adventure to the next level by visiting on a cruise. A cruise will make your trip worth remembering as various activities are on board to keep travelers engaged further. After reaching the island, you will have sufficient time to try different cuisines.

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