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Costa Cruises fleet sails to exotic ports such as Dubai and Mumbai as part of the Carnival Cruise Lines brand. You can see the Norwegian landscape, the colorful Thai culture, the many breathtaking sights, and so much more. You can get the best Costa cruise deals when you book through!

There will be a variety of excursions available at your port of call. Costa Cruises gives you the option to choose from more than 2000 activities. Book one of these cruises, and you can visit coral reefs and nature reserves. Exploring and having fun along the coast is endless!

Take a cruise with them and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Trending Costa Cruise Destinations

With a history of 60 years, Costa Cruises is one of the oldest cruise lines in the world. Taking a European vacation in the spirit of its Italian heritage is the hallmark of Costa's "Cruising Italian Style" theme. With 250 sailing destinations worldwide, it operates in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, the Far East, and the Indian Ocean. Also, Costa offers a spa on most of its ships called Samsara, one of the most luxurious onboard spas in the world. Moreover, the itinerary consists of many ports and not much time at sea, making it a more energetic and fun experience for everyone. A wide range of dining and nightlife options can be found on the Costa cruise ships. No matter where guests want to cruise, there will be ship with itineraries across the globe that will take them to the destinations they have always dreamed of visiting.

1. Europe

Enjoy an old-world experience with modern amenities aboard a Costa Cruises European voyage. You can plan your vacation according to your wishes with Costa cruises lasting seven to eleven nights and fantastic, limited-time cruise deals. Relax and enjoy a luxury cruise through the Norwegian Fjords and the Strait of Gibraltar. Before exploring Italy and Southern France, stop by the Greek Isles. Escape for a while and enjoy the experience.

2. Indian Ocean/Mauritius

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world, and Costa Cruises offers you an unforgettable holiday experience. Seychelles, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion, and Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, make up the jewel-like Indian Ocean, which remains completely untouched. For a glimpse of Africa's wonders, take a Kenya cruise.

3. Western Mediterranean

Set sail on a Western Mediterranean cruise if you want to experience a lifetime journey! Mediterranean cruises offer an authentic experience of the Mediterranean. Costa Cruises' mission is to provide open-water cruises through the Western Mediterranean to anyone interested in seeing the world. Would you like to take a Mediterranean cruise? No matter where you'd like, you can cruise the world in luxurious style on one of Costa Cruise's Mediterranean cruises.

4. Middle East

From the ocean, see places like the Arabian Emirates! Through Costa Cruise, we make Dubai cruises accessible to everyone who enjoys exploring distant lands. Dubai cruises and cruises to the Arabian Emirates are an option when you are ready to embark on an adventure filled with endless fun. A once-exclusive voyage to Egypt is now affordable for everyone with Costa Cruises.

5. Grand Asia Cruises

Among Costa Cruises' unforgettable itineraries, you will discover faraway places and different civilizations and enjoy the pleasures of cruising. Exotic, fascinating ports are a highlight of its Far Eastern cruises. The Near East can be explored by sailboat from Italy, where you can discover places like Yemen, Bahrain, and Dubai. Alternatively, Costa Cruises offers you the chance to explore the unspoiled corals of Madagascar, Seychelles, Réunion, and Mauritius if you prefer a holiday in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

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