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Founded in 1854, Costa Cruises is an Italian cruise line famous for traveling to exotic ports such as the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean and more. The cruise line offers an unforgettable experience with its formidable legacy and unique style. Moreover, the cruise line offers more than 2000 exciting shoreline activities to its travelers. Apart from that, travelers can also customize their plans while booking a Costa cruise. In addition, Costa Cruises ships are packed with best-in-class amenities, each reflecting unique qualities.

Revitalize yourself onboard Costa Cruise Ships

1. Costa Cruises ships

The most attractive feature of Costa Cruises ships is that you can explore diverse things while on board the cruise, and each of them is enjoyable.

The Costa Cruises ship list is as follows:

During your trip, here are a few Costa Cruises insider tips that will make the most of your time. Each ship is equipped with modern facilities and offers luxury services to the passengers.The cabins, theaters, and restaurants of the fleets are elegant, thus giving you the best voyage experience. 

2. Costa Cruises ships’ destinations

Costa Cruises ships’ itineraries include:

  • Northern Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Dubai and UAE
  • Transoceanic
  • Caribbean

Apart from these, the cruise ships also offer world tours and exciting, adventurous expeditions. Besides, travelers can have custom shoreline excursions and explore some unique parts of different coastal areas by booking a Costa Cruises journey.

3. Costa Cruises ships’ dining

Costa ships feature elegant and luxurious dining inspired by authentic Italian essence. You can enjoy lip-smacking Italian delicacies prepared with quality ingredients at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, you will have options to dine at different sophisticated restaurants, including classic restaurants, club restaurants, etc. Besides, there is Pizzeria Pummid' oro, where pizza lovers can have 100% authentic Italian pizza and explore its uniqueness. There are also options for bars with amazing sea views. These are marked with classy features, energetic atmosphere, and serenity. Therefore, you can also perfectly enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time here.

4. Costa Cruises ships activities

Costa cruise ships provide multiple exciting options for on-board fun and energetic activities. For instance, these cruises organize a unique program called The Voice of Sea, a popular talent hunting show on Costa ships. Along with this, the gorgeous cultural functions are also noteworthy. Further, individuals can also engage themselves in Casinos, shopping, and watching theaters. While adults can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, kids can also enjoy some safe and fun activities. For instance, there are Teen Club, Squok Club, and Aquapark to entertain the children on board. Most importantly, kids' sections are well-monitored by the skilled Costa staff.

5. Costa Cruise ships - health and fitness

Costa ships perfectly maintain their passengers' health and comfort with multiple facilities. For instance, travelers can have a wide variety of luxurious spa treatments on Costa ships. Besides, the ships also feature beauty treatments so you can pamper your skin and relax. If you are a jogging lover, you will love the jogging tracks on Costa ships. Further, you can stay fit and energetic by exercising at the well-equipped gymnasiums or swimming at the luxurious swimming pool.

6. Costa Cruises ships amenities

The great service and amenities will elevate your Costa Cruises experience. You will have numerous services such as carefree browsing with Wi-Fi packages, superb service, entertainment venues, dining options and more. In addition, the ships have an extensive collection of shopping arcades so that you can buy whatever suits you the most during a special journey.

Book your Costa Cruises ships

Costa Cruises ships are a great choice for exploring the world by taking energetic voyages. You can enjoy each and every moment on deck with multiple luxurious facilities coupled with great services from skilled crews. Furthermore, the ship authorities pay special attention towards the safety of passengers, so you can stay tension free and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

This cruise line's itinerary will help you visit some great places, explore the local culture, and get immersive traveling experiences. Therefore, to enjoy an energetic vacation, visit and book a cabin on one of Costa Cruise ships to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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