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Is It worth Getting a Drinks Package on Princess Cruises?

Save money on your Princess Cruise with a Drinks Package! We reveal all 4 options (including non-alcoholic!), pricing, & added benefits.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Saving money is always a priority when booking cruises. This includes booking during off-seasons, using promotional offers while booking, keeping track of price drops, and more. The more you save while booking your cruises, the more budget you have for your next one.

Princess Cruises can be one of the best options if you're looking to save without sacrificing the experience. Even with the premium deals you can find with them, you should always have a separate budget for any extra costs that you might incur during your stay on a cruise. This could include paying for specialty restaurants, thrilling rides, or just having some drinks.

Princess Cruises has some of the best packages and itineraries while prioritizing customer experience and providing only the best facilities possible. One of these is the drinks package that you can purchase beforehand for your vacation. This is to ensure that during your stay, you don't have to go over budget. Promotional packages like this can be beneficial to passengers, but of course, is it worth it? Don't worry. We'll answer this question for you and help you understand why opting for the drinks package on Princess Cruises can be beneficial for you in the long run.

Drinks Package on Princess Cruises: Worth It?

Princess Cruises offers different packages. You can choose a package that suits your needs and budget. These packages help you pay upfront, be aware of your funds, and avoid paying anything extra during your trip. Below, you can find some useful information about the drinks packages available aboard that can help you decide for yourself if they are worth it or not.

1. Types of Drinks Packages Aboard Princess Cruises:

Princess Cruises offers four different drink packages, consisting of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, meaning that there is always going to be something for everyone.

The first drink package that Princess Cruises offers is the zero-alcoholic package. Coffee, tea, juices, or even your favorite soda are included. There is no age limit as to who can apply for this.

Second, you get the classic soda drinks package. It features canned juices, smoothies, and every fizzy soda drink under the sun, which is available if you choose to purchase this drink package. This package does not have an age limit as it is still nonalcoholic. Another special mention is that this package also includes nonalcoholic mocktails.

The third package, which is also the starter alcoholic drinks package, is known as the Princess Plus package. This package includes everything from the first two, as well as spirits, beers, wines, and cocktails, with a price limit of $15 each. If you've opted for this package and wish to purchase a whole bottle of wine, you get the perk of gripping a 25% discount on the asking price! Other than the drinks, you also get some more added perks, such as Wi-Fi, gratuities, premium desserts, unlimited juice bar access, fitness classes, casual dining meals, and free room service!

Lastly, you have the Premium Princess drinks package that provides 66% of overall savings on your costs! The drinks available in this package are the same as the classic one. However, the added perk that makes this package worth it is that the price cap on each drink is $20. As for the added perks, some factors are similar to the classic package but only available in an unlimited capacity. They also provide photo packages that give you unlimited digital photos and reserved theater seating!

2. Policies Regarding the Drinks Packages:

Every cruise line features its own set of rules and regulations about any of the packages and offers that they provide for passengers. Princess Cruises is the same. Their way of operations tends to be more unconventional. These drink packages are only available for passengers to purchase if they choose for an all-inclusive package. This is specifically meant for alcoholic drinks and the all-exclusive package. Added features include Wi-Fi access, free room delivery service, and specialty restaurants, all available at discounted prices or for free. These drink packages are also not refundable or transferable to any other passenger.

3. Pricing Averages for All Drinking Packages:

Below is the average price for purchasing any of the four drink packages on Princess Cruises. The classic soda package costs $14.99, the zero-alcohol package is $29.99, the Princess Plus package is $60, and the Princess Premier package is $80. All these prices are per guest for every day that they stay on the cruise.

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In conclusion, opting for any of the drinks packages onboard the Princess Cruises can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you enjoy having drinks once in a while during your stay. Each package offers different perks and comes with different budgets to make it easier to choose from. To save money on cruise deals, use to avail only the best offers!

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