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Bahamas Carnival Cruise
Bahamas Carnival Cruise

Where Does Carnival Cruise Go in the Bahamas?

Discover the destinations of the Bahamas with Carnival Cruise. Explore pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and charming island towns. Book your dream vacation now!

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The Bahamas, a country known for its vibrant lifestyle and sandy white beaches, is a wonderful space to explore and visit on your next vacation, and doing so by cruising can just add to the fun and adventure. Carnival has the best Bahamas Cruise packages for people who are avid travelers, first-timers, solo folks, and even larger groups of families and friends.

Destinations On The Bahamas Carnival Cruise

The Bahamas is a wonderful and very large region that covers a lot of ports. Understanding where the Carnival Cruise goes in the Bahamas can be crucial information that can help you plan your trip better. One thing to note is that, as an added perk to traveling to the Bahamas, you can also get access to Carnival Cruises' private islands, Half Moon Cay, Atlantis Resort, and Princess Cays as well! Other than that, listed below, you can find some of the destinations that the Carnival Cruise travels to in the Bahamas for better understanding:


Nassau, Bahamas, is known to be the heart of the Bahama's history and culture and holds a lot of significance to the island. It is also one of the most popular destinations amongst travelers, with approximately 1 million people visiting the place year-round. At the Atlantis Resort here, you'll be able to experience fun-filled and thrilling water rides and other local experiences. This resort is available for all Carnival passengers. It is on Paradise Island, which is connected to Nassau through a bridge. The Blue Lagoon Island boasts extreme family fun and offers a lot of family and children-friendly rides to passengers.

Shopping at the straw market of Nassau and experiencing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a 'dolphin's kiss,' you'll find that Nassau is the perfect place to spend your next Bahamian vacation. You can even experience the rich historical significance of the place while strolling through the 18th-century colonial streets.

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With white sandy beaches, clear skies, and seas, Freeport, Bahamas, is situated in the center of Grand Bahama Island and is the perfect beach getaway for your next cruise vacation. Carnival provides an amazing cruising experience by taking you to Freeport, where you can experience true Bahamian culture by exploring the local markets, casinos, and even some barefoot beach bars! You can even pet and interact with dolphins at UNEXSO's offered dolphin experience. Freeport also features other fun-filled activities such as the sightseeing tour of Garden of the Groves, a glass bottom boat experience to view the sharks, and even close encounter experiences with swimming pigs!


With a promise to have a chill and laid-back vacation, Bimini is the perfect destination if you wish to experience lazy afternoons in the Bahamas. Explore the local culture by going to a small village known as 'Alice Town,' and have fun immersing yourself in the culture. Bimini is located in the westernmost region of the island and is bound to leave you in awe of the flora and fauna of the place. You can even go fishing and diving in Bimini! You can also get the chance to swim with stingrays, snorkel with reef sharks, and even go on a snorkeling trip to explore Sapona Shipwreck, which is a mysterious shipwreck and a leftover piece of U.S. history.

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Overall, the Bahamas offers some wonderful port options for passengers all around the world. This Bahamian vacation can be the perfect opportunity for you to take a break from your daily hectic life and experience the beach summer vibes of the exotic island. On your next Bahamian getaway with Carnival Cruises, use to avail only the best quality deals!

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