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Is Celebrity a High-End Cruise Line?

Discover if Celebrity can be considered a high-end cruise and know more about its services and world-class amenities.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celebrity cruises feature fun, laid-back, and relaxing experiences for all passengers who wish to travel through the cruise line. Offering a variety of cruises sailing through North America, this cruise boasts cutting-edge and high-end features aboard all of its ships. They have a trend of becoming one of the more inclusive cruise ships by featuring unlimited facilities like Wi-Fi and drinks, even adding the overall daily gratuities directly to the cruise fare.

Celebrity is known to be a part of some of the biggest fleets in this industry right now. Still, even with that comparison, Celebrity ships have a more simplistic approach to the cruising experience.

Features of Celebrity Cruises

Below, you'll find some features about Celebrity Cruises that can help you better understand this cruise, its offerings, whether it is a suitable option for you, and whether it can be considered a part of the high-end cruise list.

1. Destinations:

Celebrity primarily operates out of Miami, but this does not limit its itineraries. It features more than 300 itineraries and travels to all seven continents! You can cruise to different regions around the world, with some of the most popular and sought-after ones being Alaska, New England, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Summertime sees a spike in cruises to Europe, with seven ships sent there and three ships to Alaska. The other two ships can be found sailing in Bermuda and the Caribbean. In winter, ships from this cruise line mainly go to the Caribbean, with the remaining ships shipping off to Asia, Australia, and South America.

2. All About the Fleet:

Celebrity Cruises boasts a fleet size of 12 ships equipped with only the latest tech. Celebrity's latest addition to its fleet is called Edge Class, which has three vessels in total, each having a 3,000+ passenger space. Some of their other fleet class include some older versions, called Solstice Class and the Millennium Class. Millennium features four ships, Edge features three ships, and Solstice has five.

3. Dining Experience:

All Celebrity cruises feature approximately four main themed restaurants and specialty restaurants. Passengers have two types of dining options to choose from: the selective dining experience, which allows them to show up at the dining halls whenever they feel like it, and traditional dining, where they have to book a specific slot.

There’s also a casual buffet system for more variety and open dining options that passengers can enjoy. Celebrity also features a cafe called ‘Oceanview,’ which has a large range of dishes for casual dining. This is usually available near the pool areas onboard. Another noteworthy mention is the ‘Mast Grill, ’ which provides your very own greasy and grilled burgers and hot dogs for that all-time favorite American cuisine to serve your cravings.

4. Amenities and More:

Celebrity offers a lot of amenities to its passengers on board. Regardless of what your package or your destination is. All of the ships are equipped with high-class facilities and only the latest tech to ensure that your stay on the ship is completely hassle-free and as enjoyable as possible. For starters, they provide all kinds of cabins for all kinds of travelers, so it does not matter if you're a solo traveler, a couple, a group of friends, or you've brought your whole family along to have a fun vacation. There's something for everyone. They offer All kinds of cabins, such as interior staterooms, suites with private balconies, and a more exclusive option called ‘The Retreat,’ which includes spacious suites, private dining and drinks, private access lounges, and more!

Celebrity also has its own rewards loyalty program, the ‘Captain’s Club,’ where you earn points for every ship you sail, which in turn provides you with some added perks later on.

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Overall, yes, you could consider Celebrity to be a high-end cruise line, though its prices and services operate more on a mass market scale, making it a more affordable option for all passengers. Celebrity can be considered a premium option for all passengers who are looking to travel on a budget while not missing out on the premium amenities in high-end and exclusive cruises. The next time you choose to book a space aboard one of the ships of the Celebrity Cruise line, don’t forget to use!

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