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What are the loyalty levels on Celebrity Cruise?

Take a sumptuous Celebrity cruise. Loyalty levels revealed sailing will earn you points that will allow you to access amazing items.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Starting a cruise is a luxury, leisure, and entertainment experience. Celebrity Cruises, known for its luxury products, has created a loyalty program that enhances the sailing experience for its frequent passengers. Let's take a look at Celebrity Cruises' loyalty tiers to see what rewards and privileges await those who choose to sail with this reputed cruise line.

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club loyalty program

1. Captain's Club Tiers:

Celebrity Cruises' loyalty program revolves around the Captain's Club, a tier-based program that rewards clients for their regular business. The top four tiers are Preview, Classic, Select, Elite, Elite Plus and Zenith Tiers. As members pass through these categories, they have access to a variety of benefits, including priority check-in and access to exclusive onboard events.

2. Preview Level (0 Club Points)

Newcomers to Celebrity Cruises begin at the Preview Level, where they can enjoy privileges such as exclusive onboard events for members and the ability to earn Club Points that will promote them to higher levels. The initial step prepares ardent visitors for the lavish joys that await them.

3. Classic Level (2-149 Club Points)

Passengers progress to the Classic Level after accumulating a certain number of Club Points. Customers begin to gain benefits here, such as free access to the Captain's Club Lounge, where they may relax with fellow cruisers and enjoy premium services. Additionally, Classic members receive priority embarkation, ensuring a smooth start to their cruise voyage.

4. Select Level (150-299 Club Points)

More loyal passengers advance to the Select Level, where the advantages are even more enticing. Select members will receive access to a dedicated loyalty host, priority tender service, and an elegant destination seminar. Celebrity Cruises ensures that the experience becomes increasingly lavish as travelers advance through the reward tiers.

5. Elite Level (300-749 Club Points)

The Elite Level is the highest level inside the Captain's Club and is exclusively available to Celebrity Cruises fans. Passengers in this category receive a number of special benefits, such as free laundry services, a private departure lounge on board, and priority seating for meals and shore excursions. The Elite Level is the epitome of luxury on a Celebrity Cruise.

6. Elite Plus (750-2999 Club Points) and Zenith Tiers (3000+ Club Points)

Celebrity Cruises' Elite Plus and Zenith Tiers go above and beyond what the Elite Tier already provides. Elite Plus offers even more important benefits, such as a larger internet package and additional discounts on onboard amenities. Reaching the Zenith Tier, the greatest level of devotion now shows your unwavering commitment to the Celebrity Cruises family. Zenith members receive numerous privileges, including free laundry, unlimited internet access, and even a complimentary 7-night cruise.

7. Beyond the Tiers: Blue Chip Club

Celebrity Cruises has introduced the Blue Chip Club, a casino loyalty program that ups the ante for customers who choose to gamble while on board, in addition to the usual Captain's Club tiers. The Blue Chip Club is an excellent addition to the Captain's Club, providing a wide range of prizes for a variety of hobbies. It provides one-of-a-kind events, access to VIP casino lounges, and invitations to private tournaments.

8. Additional Perks for Suite Class:

Passengers who choose Celebrity Cruises' Suite Class, the pinnacle of luxury, will receive an additional layer of special benefits. Suite Class passengers enjoy privileges like priority embarkation and disembarkation, a personal butler, and dining at Luminae, an exclusive restaurant for Suite Class customers. The combination of Suite Class privileges and Captain's Club reward tiers ensures that loyal customers experience unparalleled luxury and attentive service.

9. Partnerships and Alliances:

Celebrity Cruises has expanded the scope of its loyalty program by entering into agreements and forming partnerships that allow travelers to accumulate and utilize points outside of the confines of the cruise ship. Partnerships with hotels, car rental agencies, and even credit card companies have expanded and adapted Celebrity Cruises' reward program.

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On Celebrity Cruises, loyalty extends much beyond a simple reward system. They create a tier system to reward loyalty with an increasing number of incentives and privileges. From the Preview Level to the Zenith Tiers, each tier represents a higher level of luxury and individualized care. Celebrity Cruises ensures that its loyal guests are not only rewarded but also provided with an experience that goes beyond the standard cruise vacation by incorporating Suite Class privileges, the Blue Chip Club, and smart collaborations. The voyage through the loyalty levels, where each level promises a more expensive and sumptuous experience, is a crucial component of selecting Celebrity Cruises.

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