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Explore Princess Cruises Departure Ports

There is a wide variety of sailings offered by Princess Cruises. New York City, Vancouver, Venice, and Los Angeles are some of the popular destinations where their ships embark. In addition to sailing from Japanese ports like Kobe and Chilean ports like Valparaiso, they also offer cruises that sail from smaller, more exotic ports. Give us a call today so we can help you find a Princess cruise that you will love.

Join them on a sailing expedition and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Princess Cruise Lines Departure Ports 

Princess Cruise Line's warm and friendly staff will help you experience a dream vacation from the moment you step aboard. Crew members from all departments work tirelessly to exceed expectations.

Princess Cruises around the world offer more than 500 different itineraries from several departure ports from the Caribbean, Canada & New England, Panama Canal, Europe, Alaska, Asia, Africa, Australia & New Zealand, South America, and world cruises.

  • Athens: Known as the "cradle of Western civilization," this capital city offers world travelers a wealth of architectural wonders, legendary cultural attractions, and an unparalleled historical place.
  • London: Visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Thames River during your extra time in London. You may need some time to adjust to the double-deckers. Still, shopping at Harrods, seeing a show at the West End, taking afternoon tea, or taking in the local culture are all worthwhile.
  • Tokyo: The neon lights of enormous department stores flash from dusk to dawn. Tokyo is a fascinating blend of East and West, from the Imperial Palace to the Meiji Shrine. Overlooking it all is the impressive Mt. Fuji.
  • Santiago: Santiago is one of Latin America's largest cities, with more than six million people. Take advantage of this capital's best attractions by extending your stay from its cobblestone plazas, monuments, and palaces, to its ski resorts and wine-growing regions.
  • Melbourne: There is something for everyone in Melbourne - culture, art, fashion, and friendly Australians. The city is also Australia's financial and commercial center. There are hotels, shops, restaurants, and theaters along the Golden Mile, the city's governmental and business corridor.

Top 5 Princessm Cruise Departure Ports

Take advantage of the sights in a city that will take your breath away when you extend your cruise vacation with a hotel stay before or after your cruise. Meet the locals, explore the culture and eat the local cuisine! Below are some of the top Princess Cruise departure ports. 

1. Princess Cruises from Anchorage 

In addition to its variety of shops, restaurants, museums, and nightlife, Anchorage has all the features of a big city. Stay in the city to discover its unique charm, which lies in the juxtaposition between modern conveniences and the wilderness of the Kenai Peninsula and the surrounding Chugach Mountains.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

2. Princess Cruises from Kobe

Kobe beef comes to mind for many people when they hear the name Kobe. Cows raised in and around Kobe produce this delicious, fatty beef that is a delicacy worldwide. As a cruise port, Kobe, Japan, offers so much more! There are many other products produced in Kobe that are used all over the world. Both ASICS and Mitsubishi Motors have their headquarters here. In addition to Eli Lilly, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble, many other international companies have Japanese headquarters here. Kobe is Japan's fifth largest city due to its port, which attracts these significant businesses. The culture of visiting nations has influenced Kobe's culture since Japan opened its doors to the outside world.

Best Time to Visit: Fall (late September to November) and spring (March to May)

3. Princess Cruises from Santiago

It's no secret that Santiago, Chile's capital and largest city, dates back to the 1500s. Santiago, Chile, is known for its historical sites but has become a more modern city. While cruising to Santiago, Chile, you'll discover many amazing things to do, as the Mapocho River and Parque Forestal surrounding the city and the Andes Mountains! Many multinational corporations have headquarters in Santiago, Chile's cultural, political, and financial center. Explore Santiago by hiking, biking, skiing, or exploring the city on foot.

Best Time to Visit: September to November or from March to May

4. Princess Cruises from Perth

Located on the Swan River in Western Australia, Perth is Australia's fastest-growing city. A cruise port is located in Fremantle (commonly referred to as Freo). The atmosphere is filled with an eclectic mix of art and alternative music in the streets, trendy cafes, and bars. Enjoy navigating Perth by foot, bicycle, or scooter while on your cruise to Perth. For a more in-depth and educational tour of Fremantle, cruisers can ride the Fremantle Tran Tour. A beautiful beach and sparkling waterways can be found just outside the city limits.

Best Time to Visit: Spring (September to November)

5. Princess Cruises from Fort Lauderdale

Las Olas Boulevard is home to endless shopping and you can swim almost year-round in the Atlantic Ocean in Fort Lauderdale. Its intricate canal system and lush tropical landscape have made Fort Lauderdale the "Venice of America" since it was once a spring break town. A mangrove-covered park blanketed with trails and biking awaits you at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Experience alligator and flamingo sightings on an airboat tour through the Florida Everglades. The Museum of Science and Discovery in downtown Fort Lauderdale is a fun place for kids and adults alike to cool off.  Port Everglades, one of the largest cruise ports in the world, is another reason to visit Fort Lauderdale. Cruises from Fort Lauderdale take you to lovely tropical locations throughout the Caribbean, including the Bahamas.

Best Time to Visit: December to April

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