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Costa Smeralda
Costa Smeralda

Top 5 Things to do on Costa Smeralda

Travelling the Mediterranean on Costa Smeralda, and awed by its 1500 cabins and 20 decks? Here’s help on the things to do on Costa Smeralda.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Costa Smeralda is ranked as the fifth largest cruise ship at sea. It cruises primarily across the Mediterranean with mostly 8-day sailing packages. The real star of your cruise is Costa Smeralda itself. It will take you all the days and nights of your cruise and more to experience all the fabulous things on board the ship. You can never run yourself out of things to revel in and marvel at while onboard Costa Smeralda. A selection of the top 5 things to do on Costa Smeralda is presented to help you start off on your cruise.

Top 5 Things to do on Costa Smeralda 

1. Fine dining & drinks

Trying out the 11 restaurants and snack bars and all of the 19 bars and lounges on board is among the top things to do on Costa Smeralda. Cuisines from across the globe and hand-crafted cocktails await to be discovered here. Add on fresh seafood, traditional desserts or experimental ones, local cheeses and wines of different places to overwork your taste buds through your entire journey and come back for more. Marvel at the craftsmanship of Japanese chefs as you observe them at the Teppanyaki Restaurant. Find out new delights with Nutella® at the dedicated Nutella® corner. Discover a whole new range of sushi at Sushino, the sushi bistro. Try your own hand at culinary experiments at LAB, the interactive kitchen, with a talented chef. The Campari Bar with its selection of Italian liqueur is a must.

2. Bird-walk over the sea

Among the best things to do onboard Costa Smeralda is its skywalk or should we say, sea-walk, all of 65 metres above the sea, as the ship continues on its way. The Volare Skywalk with its exhilarating, panoramic view gives you an experience to treasure forever. There are more such expansive experiences on offer onboard Costa Smeralda. Seek out the Piazza di Spagna grand staircase on the sea. It reminds you of the Spanish Steps in Rome. The glass bottom of the open-air balcony cannot but make you feel that you are flying over the sea. Quite a feeling! You will be left stunned by the view overlooking the wake of the ship. 

3. Thalassotherapy – therapy of the sea

This is a must in your list of things to do onboard Costa Smeralda. This is a special hydrotherapy pool exclusive for adults and resembles a massive-sized hot tub. Relaxing in this pool with its strong jets of hot seawater helps you with your joint pains, improves your blood circulation, and imparts several therapeutic effects on you. It truly lives up to what its name implies – therapy of the sea. This is just one of the many options in the jaw-dropping spa complex of Costa Smeralda. Replete with 16 rooms for treatment, a salt room, a relaxation room, a beauty salon, a Hammam room, and a pool with suspended chairs, another show-stopper is, literally, a snow room. You are required to spend just about a minute here. That one minute works to alleviate soreness or inflamed muscles, aid your respiration, and improve your circulatory system.

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4. Action stations galore

Your list of best things to do on Costa Smeralda may well fill pages with the activity and entertainment choices available. There are two theatres onboard Costa Smeralda. San Remo Theatre is the smaller of the two. The Colosseo is not only bigger but also is a combination of a theatre and an atrium. During the day, it acts as the main atrium, while it undergoes a Cinderella-esque transformation into a 3-deck high theatre with tiered seating all around in the evenings. Usual song and dance shows, variety entertainment, juggling, and magic are held at both venues. Acrobatic and circus-like performances are held at the Colosseo. Surrounded by the visuals showing on multiple LED screens, the grandeur of the shows acquires greater pomp. You can also get a unique experience by simply walking through the 3-deck high area to catch all that is happening at the Colosseo. 

5. Party all night

The San Remo theatre, the Colosseo, and La Spiaggia pool area are venues where fun-filled theme parties happen every night from 11 pm to 1 am. They are organised by the animation team of Costa Smeralda. Make sure to include this on your list of things to do onboard Costa Smeralda. The party theme may happen to be Latin, Extravagant, Rockmantic, and 70s & 80s or even the favourite of many – the Silent Disco. 

Apart from these best things to do on Costa Smeralda, the shopping arcade offers an enticing experience. Giving in to your gambling instincts, you may find the casino quite enthralling. If interested in design excellence, then 470 selected pieces of sheer excellence from the Italian designers and design firms that have contributed to the construction of Costa Smeralda are on display at the CoDe Museum. Do spend time walking around and discovering the spaces and happenings on the ship. Bon voyage onboard Costa Smeralda!

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