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Top Things to do on the Costa Diadema

Are you planning to spend an exciting vacation in the Norwegian Fjords? Here is a complete list of things to do on the Costa Diadema.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Costa Cruises never fails to surprise you with the amazing offerings and Costa Diadema could just be the most exciting of them all. Costa Diadema is a cruise ship where an expedition meets extravagance. The vessel runs on three different routes — in the Norwegian Fjords, around the Northern Europe coastal region, and through the great Mediterranean Sea.

Ranging over 300 meters, Costa Diadema is the largest water vessel to date in the Costa Cruise fleet. This humongous ship can easily capacitate 4927 passengers and 1253 crew members. You can book one of 756 balcony cabins to enjoy the scintillating ocean view from your room. The ship has 11 swimming pools and hot tubs that will make your voyage extremely pleasing. Besides, 8 onboard restaurants and snack bars, and 11 bars and lounges will offer you the most memorable days of your life on a cruise ship.

Treat yourself to the best continental wines and alcoholic beverages at the Aperol Spritz Bar. You can choose to go to the German Pub for a sip of authentic European beer. Visit the onboard Spa to relax your sea-wrecked nerves. Enjoy the thrill of an expedition and the royal treatments of the ultimate luxurious cruise ship on Costa Diadema.

Costa Diadema had its maiden voyage in 2014 on the Mediterranean Sea. Later on, the ship traveled to the Persian Gulf and anchored on the shore of the United Arab Emirates. If you are planning to spend a wonderful vacation on a cruise ship, here is a comprehensive guide to the top things to do on the Costa Diadema. Buckle up and get ready for an amazing list of Costa Diadema cruise ship things to do.

Top 5 things to do on the Costa Diadema On the Costa Diadema, there are several entertainment programs, cultural activities, exercise regimes, and other onboard events that take place on a regular basis. Costa Diadema will ensure that your journey is always enjoyable. From early morning swimming and fitness programs to late-night celebrations, Costa Diadema will make your stay extremely delightful. Let us now go to the list of things to do on the Costa Diadema.

Why your next cruise should be onboard the Costa Diadema?

1. Stay fit and fine during the voyage

Costa Diadema has the best onboard gym and yoga facilities so you can maintain your fitness routine during the voyage. The Costa Diadema gym, which is equipped with current tools and devices, will provide you with the finest training experience possible. Similarly, the ship's wellness program will provide you with the best yoga facilities.

It also offers a specially designed jogging track for you with an excellent sea view. In the sports section, you can participate in a variety of games to work up a sweat. Volleyball, badminton, basketball, tennis, and other sports are available on board the Costa Diadema cruise ship.

From kettlebell workouts or postural yoga sessions, every feat will be led by these seasoned coaches. Thus, with onboard exercise programs, with the help of specialized trainers, you can make your cruise ship stay healthier.

2. Take a sip of the authentic European spirit

Costa Diadema has as many as 11 bars and lounges. The ambiance is perfect for you to take a sip of the finest continental spirit. The Aperol Spritz Bar is suitable for a late-night dinner with a glass of authentic European wine. The German Pub serves you the best beers on board.

The in-room services also offer you a wine testing facility to treat your tongue to the authentic spirits of European countries. The onboard parties and celebrations are incomplete with a sip of Italian port wine and French cellar whiskey. Costa Diadema has everything for you. Choose a suitable pub and spend a couple of exciting hours testing the best European spirits with the cool sea breeze.

Apart from wines and whiskeys, Costa Diadema offers you the asian exotica in the Teppanyaki Restaurant, which serves authentic asian foods and beverages. Pummid’Oro Pizzeria is the best snack bar to taste the best Italian pizza and mozzarella. Everything ends on a sweeter note at the Cioccolateria Amarillo, the onboard gelato shop!

3. Play a hand of Texas Hold’em at Casino

Don't miss out on the chance to join the exciting onboard casino club, and enjoy a few rounds of gaming! The most popular onboard casino games are Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Roulette, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Craps. Join the group there and try your luck once, while on the cruise ship!

4. Let your kids enjoy the trip

Costa Diadema takes every effort to keep your kids entertained onboard. To begin with, the Costa Diadema Arcade Room is a favorite among the kids. In this room, kids can play popular arcade games.

There are a variety of other play stations for toddlers, teens, and children. Your child will relish the rare opportunities to socialize with other children onboard the play stations. In the Teen Zone, your kids can enjoy a game of table football or a game of table tennis. The space is tastefully decorated and features a jukebox with a dance floor.

The Squok Club is the place to go if you're searching for a great spot to take your three-year-old on a cruise ship. The club is divided into two age divisions in general. The first is a little club for children aged 3 to 6. The maxi club is for youngsters aged 7 to 11 years old. All of the interesting activities in these clubs will keep your child entertained.

5. Spend an evening in the theater

Costa Diadema features a fantastic cinema where you can see new releases, cult classics, live-action jewels, and 3D masterpieces. Choose your favorite movie currently playing in the theater and head there for a couple of hours after sunset.

The theater also hosts a variety of cultural events, live music performances, and dance performances. When you board the ship, ask for a detailed itinerary of the Costa Diadema Theater.

Final thoughts: Enjoy a luxurious seaside holiday with Costa Diadema

Costa Cruises offers you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel in style to some of the world's most fascinating locations. A cruise over the calm Mediterranean Sea or a journey through the Caribbean Islands could be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Reserve your spot on the Costa Diadema for this amazing adventure cruise trip. You can check out the details on

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