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List of Best Cruise Destinations for Diving

Experience some incredible underwater panoramas on your trip to the best cruise destinations for diving!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising is all about long excursions at sea, sun-basking, and relaxation for some people. On the contrary, it is everything about adventure, exotic locations, water sports, mouthwatering cuisines, and pleasure. If you belong to the group of people who believe the latter, then you may want to plan a vacation to these best cruise destinations for diving!


Yes, scuba diving and snorkeling have become highly popular in recent times. Explore the living world under the sea with the help of professionals. The soul-surfing experience and colorful marine life will leave you in awe of nature!

Pack your bags, and get ready for the most lively underwater trip of your lifetime. Here is a brief sneak peek into the top- picks by cruise and diving lovers to help you find your dream destination!

What are the Best Cruise Destinations for Diving? Check Them Out!

1. Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands

A scuba diving round in Grand Cayman will leave you with innumerable selfie views and mesmerizing sights. The coolest coral reefs, exciting drop-offs, and wreck dives have made this place the crown jewel of the Cayman Islands. It is on the list of many divers across the world for its impeccable and beautiful marine life. You can get some of the best dives of your life at:

2. Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean

The Galapagos diving cruise is a must-try spot for sea lovers across the world. Yes, the Galapagos Islands host a wide range of diving locations as it serves as one of the most preserved gems in the Pacific Ocean. All this means that you get to dive into the pristine sea that is replete with manta rays, turtles, sharks, colorful fish, and unpolluted marine sceneries. A cruise to this location will prove to be highly redeeming for you, especially if you are Passionate about diving.

The higher visibility, warmer water, and soothing environment in the Galapagos will be worth all your efforts.

3. La Romana in the Dominican Republic

One of the popular ports for Royal Caribbean scuba diving cruises, the beaches in La Romana are known for their crystal clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. The uninhabited islands in the Dominican Republic will offer you less-populated locations where you can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and the parks' caverns. The highly impressive St. George, Santa Catalina, and Saona Island are some of its exotic tourist spots. You can find multiple Caribbean cruise line itineraries to this place.

4. Montego Bay in Jamaica

The abundant marine life at Montego Bay in Jamaica attracts scuba divers who can discover a wide number of virgin spots to dive in. Of all the various scuba diving locations you can find at this bay, the Marine Park stands out in every way. You can look out for everything you expect to discover underwater, except mermaids, of course!

Just like the Galapagos diving cruise experience, this one is also a rare inclusion in this list. You can expect to make the most of it by sailingon a luxurious cruise line.

5. Cozumel in Mexico

Ranked as one of the best and most diversified diving destinations worldwide, Cozumel is an undeveloped island in Mexico. You will be amused to see how easy it is to find sea turtles, eagle rays, eels, colorful fish, nurse sharks, and the Cozumel splendid toadfish. It is one of the highlights of the Royal Caribbean cruise diving destinations.

Final Thoughts

Explore these infinite diving spots and beautiful coral reefs through a fulfilling cruise! All you have to do is pick any of these best cruise destinations for diving for your next trip. Venture across the most spectacular reefs in the world to capture beautiful images that you can never forget.

Click here at and explore itineraries, offers, packages, and upcoming tours of the most celebrated cruise lines. Highlight your preferences precisely to incorporate all your wishes in the itinerary. The cooperative and experienced travel advisors of CruiseBooking will take care of the rest.

Get ample time and friendly exposure to water life in a memorable cruise to these diving spots!

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