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A Basic Guide to Hawaii and Tahiti Cruise Vacation

Explore the best Hawaii and Tahiti cruise vacation guide and get inspired to cruise with your dear ones.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Hawaii and Tahiti are exotic destinations and considered two of the most romantic cruise destinations in the South Pacific. The Hawaiian Islands, home to Polynesians since ages will mesmerize you by the waft of the floral-scented valleys, black-sandy beaches, fresh seafood, and the warmth of the aloha spirit. And, about 4,300 km from Hawaii, lies the archipelago of Tahiti. In Tahiti, the blue lagoons and the azure skies of the lush green islands will allure you just as you will be enamored by the amalgamation of French and Polynesian cultures.

Best Things to Do in Hawaii and Tahiti on a Cruise

Hawaii and Tahiti cruises not only attract couples but also solo travelers, seniors, and young adults. During Hawaii and Tahiti cruises, you will get many opportunities to commune with nature and visit magnificent islands. Some of the things that you should experience when you go for a shore excursion are:

Snorkeling: The crystal clear waters of Hawaii and Tahiti are perfect for snorkeling. You will be able to spot colorful tropical fish and other marine creatures. The best part is that the water is warm and with high visibility, you will have a memorable time.

Diving: Thanks to the high visibility, the waters around Hawaii and Tahiti make wonderful scuba diving destinations. If your guide knows the local waters, they will be able to take some of the less frequented diving spots and you may even get an opportunity to explore ancient shipwrecks.

Catamaran Rides: You can go on a catamaran ride when in Tahiti to explore the stunning coastline. Do carry a picnic hamper with you so that you can enjoy it while you laze around a lagoon. Bring along your camera to click stunning sunsets. In Tahiti, visit Opunohu Bay and you will not regret it.

Drive Around the Islands: One of the best ways to absorb the culture and heritage of Hawaii and Tahiti is to find a local guide and drive around. You can create an itinerary to visit some of the most popular spots in Hawaii and Tahiti, such as Mo’orea, Waikiki and Venus Point.

Best Places to Visit in Hawaii and Tahiti on a Cruise

Some of the best places to visit during Hawaii and Tahiti cruises include the following:

James Norman Hall Home: The American writer, who penned the book Mutiny on the Bounty, lived in Tahiti and his home has been converted into a museum. The traditional Polynesian home is not just a sight to behold but you will also get an opportunity to find out more about James Norman Hall.

Arahurahu Marae: Be sure to visit Arahurahu Marae, the restored ancient temple in Tahiti. It will allow you to find out more about the place and learn its history.

Marche de Pape’ete: This is the main market in Tahiti and will give you an insight into the French Polynesian culture and lifestyle. You will be able to pick craft made by local artisans. The market is one of the best places to buy Tahitian pearls.

Honolulu: Be sure to experience an authentic Hawaiian luau and before the party begins, enjoy a stroll along Waikiki. You can visit Honolulu, the playground of the rich and the famous.

Bora-Bora: This is the perfect place to enjoy scuba diving. The reefs are home to reef fish, sharks, and rays.

Hilo: The town is home to independent shops, restaurants, art galleries, restaurants, and fish markets that give it a unique ambiance. You will find the place restive and also interesting.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii and Tahiti on a Cruise

Hawaii and Tahiti are year-round destinations but the best time to travel is between June and October when the region experiences the dry season. However, the peak cruise season is from the middle of December to March, when people from the Northern Hemisphere look to escape the cold and enjoy the tropical weather.

In case you enjoy surfing, winter is the best time to visit Hawaii and Tahiti as the surfing conditions are perfect. However, during this period, you will not be able to swim as the water will be rough and choppy. Also, winter is not the best time for boat and catamaran rides. Lack of rides can be made up by the humpback whales that migrate from Alaska to warmer waters in the Southern Hemisphere.

During the wet season, you can expect sudden bursts of rain but you do not have to worry about the rainfall ruining your excursion as it does not last for too long.


Hawaii and Tahiti cruises promise a magical experience that you and your loved ones will cherish for life. Bounty of nature, pristine beaches, and the rich Polynesian culture will create beautiful photographs, one that will be etched in your mind forever.

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