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Cruises from Mahe Island

Mahe Island, Seychelles Cruises

Mahe Island, Seychelles Cruises

Seychelles is the main and most significant island in the northeast of the Somali Sea part of the Indian Ocean. It is not only a gateway to a tropical paradise but more than long white sandy beaches and sunbathing. Visitors can opt for different water activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, jet-skiing, and shoreside resorts while exploring natural pools and reefs just a few miles away from the coast. But yes, it is only accessible by boat or sailing rafts. Moreover, it is a modern docking terminal and a natural deep-water harbor that serves various cruises.

Highlights of Mahe Island

A fantastic collection of wildlife, breathtaking beaches, and crystal-clear waters await you on Mahe Island. The following are five reasons you should add this sun-kissed paradise to your bucket list.

1. World's Best Beaches

Seychelles beaches are known for their stunning natural beauty, with blue skies, crystal-clear water, and glistening white sands. A beach awaits you on every island of the archipelago, no matter the occasion or mood. As for the signature spots of each island, from the most secluded to the most popular, they vary from the most bustling to the most hidden.

2. Exciting food and culture

Over the years, people who have settled in Seychelles have contributed to the culture. You can imagine yourself entering the home of a giant family with roots in all corners of the globe when you visit Seychelles. The country's music, dance, culture, architecture, and cuisine are a mix of African, European, and Asian influences, reflecting its history of intermingling and exchange over two centuries. You will find a wide range of spices in its cuisine, such as chilli, turmeric, and ginger, that will warm your palate. Its security and enviable pace of life are perhaps its most enduring attractions. A genuinely refreshing Creole culture and relaxed island lifestyle are available here, sheltered in the islands' welcoming sanctuary.

3. Island-Hopping Destination

Seychelles isn't just a place to stay, relax, and leave. There are also opportunities to explore outside your chosen island enclave. Seeing and discovering Seychelles at its most diverse is made possible by chance to hop between islands. Then perhaps visit La Digue for palm swaying and rum shacks before exploring Mahé's mountain landscapes. Maybe you'll explore Praslin's lush rainforest before switching to Silhouette Island, the third-largest archipelago third-largest, where you'll find secluded beaches, shady walking trails, and some of the best snorkeling in the Indian Ocean. Whether you choose a private island or a resort, be sure to finish with an indulgence like this.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Mahe Island

There are plenty of exciting experiences on Seychelles' largest island if you can tear away from some of the world's most beautiful beaches. We have compiled a list of our top recommendations for visitors to Mahé (in no particular order).

1. Visit the Capital

Visiting Victoria, the island nation's colorful capital, is a must on any trip to Seychelles. In this vibrant little borough, you'll be able to see everything the capital city has to offer in a short period. Visiting the Victoria Clock Tower and Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market will allow you to purchase exotic souvenirs. Set aside a morning to enjoy these attractions. Take a trip to a local restaurant for lunch and try traditional Creole cuisine, or admire the intensely colored Arul MihuNavasakthiVinayagar Temple.

2. Museums and Art Galleries

A visit to the Seychelles Natural History Museum or local art galleries will provide an insight into Seychelles' culture and history. Thanks to Seychelles' spectacular natural beauty, thousands of independent art studios are scattered throughout Mahé. These galleries are marked on the roadside with signs pointing to them. Kempinski Seychelles Resort is just 2.5 km from the Michael Adams Gallery. Since Sir Michael Adams is one of Seychelles' most celebrated artists, guests will undoubtedly see his unique creations at the hotel. Alyssa and Tristan Adams' works are also on display in his studio, just 25 minutes away. On Independence Avenue, in the heart of Victoria, the Seychelles Natural History Museum displays some of the unique flora and fauna of the islands. You will also learn about the maritime history and geology of the archipelago.

3. Eden Island

Eden Island is a great place to experience modern-day Seychelles. A less than 15-year-old artificial island, Mahé now features luxury shops, restaurants, and galleries. Spend some time shopping or admiring the numerous luxury yachts moored at Eden Island Marina. You can also experience Seychelles' nightlife on Eden Island. Take advantage of the weekend festivities at Boardwalk by visiting on a Friday night.

4. Scuba Diving Spots

As a result of its stunning topography, coral reefs, drop-offs, wrecks, and canyons, Seychelles is a world-class diving destination. Whether a beginner or an experienced diver, the destination has dive sites for you. In addition to Brissare Rocks, Fisherman's Cove Reef, Shark Bank, and Trompeuse Rocks, there are many other popular dive sites.

5. Takamaka Bay Rum Distillery

T o learn about rum-making, visit the Takamaka Bay distillery in La Plaine St André. In addition to learning about the fermentation and distillation process, you'll learn how the local rum is made and taste five varieties. A vintage wooden house serves as a restaurant bar.

When to Visit Mahe Island?

Two trade winds hit Seychelles each year, with the calmest periods occurring between April and May and October and November. November to March is the time of the northwest trade wind, and May to September is the time of the southeast trade wind. When choosing hotel locations at different times of the year, consider the effects of these winds, which build up seaweed on some beaches.

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