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Cruises from Miyako Jima

Miyako Jima, Japan Cruises

Miyako Jima, Japan Cruises

In the Okinawa Prefecture, Miyako Island (Miyakojima) has a rich history going back to the Jomon Period. On the island, the original language is still spoken, and soba noodles are made according to the island's traditional recipes and Otori customs, such as the ceremonial drinking of awamori (rice liquor). Nature is what makes Miyakojima famous. A vibrant coral reef encircles 62 miles (100 kilometers) of coastline, making it among the best beaches in Japan. A subtropical climate and underwater splendor make it one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Miyakojima's sugar cane fields and mangrove groves merge into four smaller islands, making island-hopping a breeze. The Botanical Gardens feature over 1,600 plant species, including the Prefectural "Deigo" Flower. 

On the island, visitors can enjoy various cultural activities, including tours of the commemorative German Cultural Village, watching the weaving of hemp cloth called Miyako-Jofu, and sampling salt products from a factory that produces salt with the highest mineral content in the world. Shopping at one of the large specialty malls is a great way to obtain more traditional souvenirs, from Japanese mementos to cosmetics, top brand-name apparel, and confectionery. Take a relaxing soak in an onsen while enjoying the picturesque scenery when you feel like doing nothing.

Highlights of Miyako Jima

Okinawa Prefecture's Miyakojima offers perfect Pacific perfection. Its natural beauty and vibrant culture make this island paradise a Japanese paradise. There is a spectacular view of the surrounding ocean from the Eastern Cape, a national place of scenic beauty. Take advantage of the sunshine and snorkeling at the beaches of Sunayama or Aragusuku. Take a scenic drive across the beautiful blue waters of the Shigira hot springs or visit the Shigira hot springs for a relaxing experience. Below are some other highlights of the place.

1. Local Cuisine

As well as noodle soup, mozuku seaweed and pickles are often served as side dishes with miyakojima soba sliced meat, steamed fish paste, and diced green onions. In Hirara Port, you can find Koja Sobaya at 1517-1 Hirarashimozato, established in 1932.

2. Shopping

Atarasu Farmers Market, 10 minutes by taxi from Hirara Port, offers a wide variety of island produce. It is renowned for its succulent sweetness that mangoes are sold here. There are shops nearby the port awamori of sale, a strong distilled liquor, and aloha shirts, similar to kariyushi shirts.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Miyako Jima

It is about an hour's flight from Okinawa to Miyakojima (Miyako Island). Together with Taramajima and Ohgamijima, it belongs to the Miyako Islands, which also include Ikemajima, Kurumajima, Irabujima, and Shimojijima. Miyakojima boasts the highest transparency in Okinawa Prefecture because it has no rivers flowing into the ocean, so it attracts divers from all over the world. You can enjoy different activities on Miyakojima related to beaches, cuisine, and culture listed in this article.

1. Kurima Island

The beach is beautiful, with white sand. Among the Miyako Islands, this beach camping spot is one of the most idyllic. It is also possible to snorkel at some good spots. Kurima Ohashi Bridge connects Miyako Island with Kurima Island, which floats southwest of Miyako Island. The bridge is one of three long bridges on Miyako Island. Kurima Island has several picturesque observatories and natural beaches. As you stand on Yonahamaehama Beach, you can see the 1,690m bridge and the emerald-green ocean.

2. Sea Activities

The clear sea of Miyako Island offers a wide range of activities, sometimes with sea creatures. You can dive with coral reefs and snorkel with sea turtles up close to the island, which is a diving mecca. Aside from kayaking, Miyako Island is also known for its SUP (standup paddleboard) surfing.

3. Higashi Hennazaki

Higashi Hennazaki, a Place of Scenic Beauty designated by the government, is located on the southeastern point of Miyakojima Island. Long ago, ships passing by were protected by a lighthouse built here. The lighthouse is open to visitors for climbing. Watching the sunrise here is incredibly popular, as you can see the ocean in many directions. Your schedule may also allow for a sunset.  

4. Miyakojima City Botanical Garden

The Miyakojima City Botanical Garden is a great place to spend some time after you've finished your meal. You will also find over 40,000 different types of trees here among the more than 1,600 different kinds of plants. You can reach the garden in 10 minutes by car from Miyako Airport, and it is free to enter. A unique experience can be found in the garden's nine areas. Woodworking, horseback riding, and local food options are available in the craft village. There is also an observation deck where birds can be observed. Taking in the sounds of nature in the park is a beautiful experience. You can enjoy this experience before departing from Okinawa from the airport.  

5. Boragawa Beach and Boraga Limestone Cave

In case of the north wind, an ice cream stand, swimming pool, and free showers are available at this beach (it is pretty sheltered). At low tide, you can visit a cave by the sea. Even though the water is shallow, swimming or kayaking are the best options. Since 2016, coral in shallow water has been recovering (a lot of coral was damaged by 2016's El Nio). Walking will hamper this recovery. Boragawa Beach is about 10-15 minutes from the cave by following the coast on the left side of the beach.

When to Visit Miyako Jima?

Miyakojima Island is best visited during the summer due to its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and exciting water activities.

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