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Cruises to Saudi Arabia And Red Sea

About Saudi Arabia And Red Sea

Saudi Arabia And Red Sea

The Red Sea and Saudi Arabia are exciting new destinations you won't want to miss! It offers captivating landscapes and sparkling turquoise waters, making it a fascinating place to explore and discover new things. It's already cruise season, so there's a lot of excitement. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea are the ideal cruise destinations for anyone looking for a new and exciting cruise experience. Located on the coastline of this unique destination, there are over 1150 islands, many offering picturesque sandy beaches with breathtaking ocean views or coral reefs near the coastline. This is where snorkelers and divers can explore a multitude of underwater life.

Cruise destinations like this are not typical. Because Saudi Arabia never wanted to be part of the mainstream tourist scene, it never made it onto the map. This is now changing, as the kingdom has begun issuing e-visas and becoming much more liberal in its policies to attract 100 million tourists by 2030. Women are no longer expected to cover their heads nor wear abayas of any length, and it feels relaxed and safe.

Ports to Visit in Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea Cruise

A cruise from the stunning AlUla region in the desert is one of the highlights of any voyage. It is an excellent contrast to the modern waterfront attractions in Jeddah to visit Al-Balad, a historic old town being restored. This beautiful beach town is where you'll find the King Abdulaziz Fort, built-in 1933 with mud-brick walls.

1. Jeddah Islamic Port

Explore the Saudi Arabian coastline from this port. Al Balad, the old city of Jeddah, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, alongside ancient and modern architecture. There is much to see in this port. Still, the major attraction is the Old Town, a maze of winding streets bordered by duck-egg blue and ochre buildings;  full of character and stories. Some of them are being renovated as part of Vision2030, while the majority are over 100 years old.  

2. Al Wajh

Al Wajh port is an ideal location for those interested in discovering Arabia through stone and sand. It has a variety of water sports like diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, and white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. It has a rich culture as well as history. This city's ancient fortresses and markets offered a glimpse into Saudi Arabia's past when it was an essential hub for trade on the Intense Route. Visitors can also explore Hegra and Al-Ula, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Hundreds of ancient buildings and 400+ shops line the streets of AlUla.  

3. Yanbu Al Bahr

Yanbu Al Bahr is located along the coast of the Red Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations along this coastline due to its warm waters, beaches, and excellent diving sites. For its stunning beaches near the Yanbu coast, Ras al Abyad is known as Coastal White Head because of its pristine water and white sand. There are also some all-female areas for those who may want an escape from the world. Scuba diving in the Red Sea is made possible by the clear water and abundance of marine life in Yanbu. A pearl of the Red Sea, Yanbu has something to offer everyone, from the Seven Sister Coral Reefs to the shipwrecks teeming with fish.  

4. Ras Al-Sheikh Hammed 

You can come to Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed, located between the Gulf of Aqaba and Strait of Tiran, by heading north along the coast of Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian Sinai peninsula. A beautiful sandy cape lies just beyond the beach, with coral reefs and a wide variety of marine life. The Sinai Mountains of Egypt can be viewed from this cape across the straits, and the sunsets beautifully silhouette the Red Sea and Sinai.  

5. Sindalah Island

A luxury getaway for the privileged few, this island in the Red Sea is an exclusive private paradise. This is a place for luxury and relaxation with  cabanas, a spa, a beach club, and fine dining. Snorkelers and divers are in heaven on the island, as the turquoise waters are crystal clear. Further, its beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for lying in the sun.  

6. Lost City Petra

After emerging from the narrow 1.2km hole in the rock that leads to the hidden city of Petra, you are surprised when you see the Treasury's magnificent façade for the first time. It's not uncommon to hear horse hoofs ricocheting off the walls of the Siq canyon as horse-drawn carriages drive by, and when you reach the point where everyone lets out a collective gap, your anticipation mounts. There is still plenty of life in the metropolis turned necropolis today, including Roman shops, horses, camels, and donkeys sheltered in tombs around its caves and crumbling sandstone buildings. From the Royal Tombs to the caves recently inhabited by Bedouins, there is so much to see here you could spend days exploring the 800 registered sites. The astounding fact that 85% of Petra remains unexcavated may blow your mind if it hasn't already.

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