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Cruises to Akita, Japan

Akita, Japan Cruises

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When you cruises to japan and search for Sake, you may come across the Tohoku region. The port is located on the northeastern side of the Sea of Japan, creating a subtropical climate and plenty of chances to soak in the sun. I It was designed as a core city since 1997 and is well-known for the highest sake consumption of any area. They also produce high-quality Sake, which is  a rice product. This port has famous hot springs and festivals that glimpse into rural and traditional Japan for cruisers.

What Best Things to do in Akita?

Akita has a wealth of parks and museums and is known as a food-lovers paradise with both local and international options available everywhere you look. However, don't miss trying kiritanpo – roasted rice on a chopstick which is the specialty of Akita. Visitors can also try out some fresh seafood. Apart from food, there are several other activities to do and see in Akita.

Check out these cool things to do for your cruise port of call of Akita, Japan.

1. Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa is one of the most stunning beauties of northern Japan. The lake's cobalt water is so clear that you can see  fish swimming under the water. The lake has a rich history and offers a variety of tourist activities, including boating, hiking, sightseeing, and food. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake and the relaxing atmosphere. There are plenty of attractions around the lake's circumference, such as Tori Gate, Tatsuko Monument, fortune shops, classic mermaid statue, water sports, and some hot springs, perfect for a quick get-away.

2. Kakunodate

Kakunodate used to be a samurai stronghold and castle town. The city has been primarily unchanged since founded in 1620. Although the castle is no longer around you can findhundreds of cherry trees weeping in Kakunodate. Late April and early May are the best times to visit when the blossoms bloom. The most exciting thing about this place is that there are still families living here in the samurai homes, which adds more authenticity and mass appeal. 

3. Senshu Park

In the heart of Akita-shi's Senshu Park, you can find an oasis of calm. Senshu Park is a fantastic place for a peaceful walk, especially during the spring season. It would seem impossible that one of the most powerful samurai clans built a fortress just a few minutes from the station. Among Japan's 100 most beautiful parks, Senshu Park has something for everyone- – from cherry blooms to its temple and own shrine, restaurants, a museum with samurai artifacts, a library, and a concert hall.

4. Akita City Akarengakan Museum

One of the most exciting buildings in Japan is the Akarengakan building, which dates from the Meiji Period. An architect from Japan designed the building, which seamlessly blends Renaissance and Baroque styles. Two renowned local artisans' works complement the red brick Renaissance exterior in the interior. The museum was constructed in 1912 when it was a bank. But currently, various exhibits are featured here, including arts, crafts, and historical items. A beautiful collection of self-taught artist Katsuhira Tokushi's woodblock prints depicting Akita culture is on the top floor.

5. Mt. Kanpuzan Observatory

About 5 km north of Oga City sits Mount Kanpu, an inactive volcano. It is pronounced "Kanpûzan" with a long last "u." The volcano's volcanic activity ended 10,000 years ago. Located 355 meters high, this hill appears gently sloping. Mount Kanpuzan Rotating Observatory offers panoramic views of the area from its rotating room. It takes 13 minutes for the observation deck to rotate 360 degrees around the mountain. A lush green lawn runs the length of the hill. You can see Mount Chokai and the entire Oga peninsula from the top. Akita and Oga souvenirs can also be purchased in a shopping plaza inside the building and a restaurant with a spectacular view.

Best Time to Visit in Akita

Despite the heat and high price, the summer season is the best time to visit Akita. During that time, the city is exploding with reasons to have festivals. The summer starts from June through August. Even during the high season of blooming blossoms in May and April, the weather remains pleasant. Moreover, you can experience autumn leaves and mild weather from October to November

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