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Berlin, Germany Cruises

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Berlin is Germany's capital city, situated on the eastern side of Germany inside Brandenburg, at the Spree River. The City is known as the City where anything is possible and is renowned for its exceptional range of landmarks, vibrant cultural scene, and way of life. It is one of the most historical and cultural cities in Europe. Today, Berlin is known as one of the most inviting and exciting cities, where travelers visit again and again. The capital survived several wars and events, including the destructive Second World War. A factor that makes Berlin so fascinating is that after the destruction of World War II, the City quickly grew economically and culturally. Due to its many attractions, this historical odyssey is a favorite tourist attraction for people worldwide. 

Best Things to do in Berlin

Berlin has a lot to offer and is famous for its many museums, such as the Dahlem Museums, the Egyptian Museum, the Berlin Cultural Forum with the New National Gallery, and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Explore exciting new houses, such as Neuer Nationalgalerie, and classics like Televisionturm or Museum Island. Many events in the capital city include plays, operas, musicals, and concerts. Apart from these, go through the below things to do in Berlin for an exciting cruise. 

1. Brandenburg Gate

A popular photogenic site in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. Brandenburg Tor, a famous entrance to Athens' Acropolis, inspired this design. Built for King Frederick Wilhelm II starting in 1788, it is located on the famous Pariser Platz. It played a prominent role in the City's history in the ensuing decades, including invading armies and Nazi parades. Between East and West Berlin, the structure sat in a "no man's land" during the cold war. Today, it represents the unity of Germany. 

2. Museum Island

In the language of the locals, Museumsinsel is written. Located on a tiny island in the River Spree, this group of museums, a baroque cathedral, and lush gardens is known as Museum Island. They each focus on a different aspect of Germany's history and culture, built between 1830 and 1930. You can also guess what art is hung in each museum. The Alte Nationalgalerie, New Museum (Neues Museum), Altes Museum (Old Museum), Bode-Museum, and Pergamonmuseum, a top-rated museum.  

3. Reichstag Building

It is one of the famous historical sites of Berlin, a place where the Parliament sits. It has a glass dome, which represents the political transparency of the City. There is no fee for entering the building, but ensure that you book your visit with a guided tour in advance. The guide will explain everything about the building, the glass dome, and the history of the building. Also, don't forget to take your valid photo ID. If you didn't get entry into the Parliament, don't worry. You can still gain access to the dome. You can also enjoy some snacks and your favorite coffee in the only Parliament building restaurant in the world that is open to the public. 

4. Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm)

Fernsehturm Berlin is another name for Berlin's TV tower. With its breathtaking 360-degree views and the tallest building in Berlin, it is hard to miss! You can experience more scenic views of the City by climbing this concrete building at sunset. Berlin's TV Tower has a restaurant too, and it's a rotating restaurant, like most TV towers around the world. Reserving your table at this revolving restaurant in advance is highly recommended. As an alternative, if you need access to the entrance quickly and there is a large crowd, you can consider VIP fast access tickets. By purchasing them, you can avoid standing in line. 

5. Gendarmenmarkt

It was first built in 1688 and was a marketplace and a part of the City's Western expansion of Friedrichstadt, one of Berlin's emerging quarters. It is said that it is the most beautiful square in Berlin, and maybe even Europe. It is home to the concert hall – the Konzerthaus, and two church-style buildings. Here visitors can experience the open-air concerts and Christmas market in December. It has been top on the list of tourist for sightseeing and more than millions of people visits this place every year. Moreover, there are various restaurants, luxury shops, boutiques, cafés, and more things to explore. 

Best Time to Visit in Berlin

Early April to early May is the best time of year to visit Berlin when nature is in bloom, or September when conditions are perfect, not too hot nor too cold.

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