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Cruises to Louisville, Mississippi

Louisville, Mississippi Cruises

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On the Indiana side of the Ohio River, Louisville is Kentucky's largest city. Kentucky is both a Midwestern city and a Southern city. As a hub of a vibrant entertainment scene, the town takes pride in its  support of the arts. It is also famous for its hometown of the most incredible baseball bat – the Louisville Slugger, the most fantastic horse race – the Kentucky Derby, and the most significant period – boxer Muhammad Ali. Apart from the competitive spirit, this Ohio riverfront town has a lot of southern charm and history.

Best Things to do in Louisville - 123

Louisville has many things to offer – from theaters to art galleries, museums, and tons of music festivals. One can find a lot of entertainment and adventure and some super exciting activities like an underground zip line course, the most significant baseball bat, and America's largest Victorian neighborhood. Thus, go through these few things on your visit to Louisville. 

Kentucky Derby Museum

Kentucky Derby Museum is one of the top attractions in Louisville. It showcases the brief history and prominent figures of the incredible horses that take part in "the Run for the Roses" race. You can find out everything related to that race and racing greats like Man O'War and Secretariat in this museum. There is also another great attraction within the museum: "The Down's First Electric Gate," "The Winner's Circle." This is a perfect place to watch a live horserace.

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

This slugger museum is heaven for Baseball lovers and is one of the most fun things to do in Louisville. Here one can see and learn about the history of some of the most amazing bats around and the process of making them. It's hard to miss this place, as a 120-foot baseball bat marks it. Another good part is visiting the factory, where you will see how all Louisville Sluggers come to fruition. The museum exhibits unique baseball artifacts and hopefully grows in your appreciation for this sport. Your sightseeing won't be complete without visiting this beautiful museum and factory. 

Waterfront Park

Currently, the Waterfront Park is 85 acres of land that gives full experiences for everyone. It holds several festivals and events overlooking the Ohio River. Various events are offered to history buffs who enjoy learning about culture, such as Hunter S. Thompson celebrations, and environmentalists can participate in events such as the Mighty Kindness Earth Day Hoot. The gardens and water fountains are a beautiful part of the park that you should explore if you're passing through town. It's a great place to bring a picnic. The Adventure Playground and numerous play areas are perfect for families with children. For an affordable, locally-sourced meal, make sure you dine in one of the shoreline's restaurants or cafés while enjoying the river views. 

The Big Four Bridge

This Big Four Bridge was built in 1895 and spanned the Ohio River with a six-span former railroad truss bridge in the past. ,In 2014 it was turned into a route for bikers and .It offers picturesque views of the river, city, and Waterfront Park. There is a covered picnic area and a playground for kids.  In the evening, the LED lights show off the Bridge as a colorful wonderland. They are set to create a rainbow effect, emphasizing the bridge's beauty.   

Louisville Mega Cavern

Mega Cavern is an artificial cave that offers a chance for thrills. It was opened as a limestone mine in the late 1930s. It is now transformed into an exciting area that puts you in a remote environment in a busy city. It has become one of the top tourist attractions in Louisville that offers zip lining, electric bike-riding, and a tram tour, and all activities are underground. All safety measures are followed to keep their visitors safe.

Best Time to Visit

If you plan to visit Louisville, the best time is between the months of April and June or August and September, respectively. Each season offers visitors a different experience of Louisville's subtropical climate. As the summer season begins in the state, the temperature rises to 73F between April and June. There is a lot of heat and humidity during this season, as it occurs both in the summer and in the spring. A moderate amount of rain and a temperate climate make June the most popular month. It is pleasant to have the weather in August and September, where temperatures range from 73F to 68F. With temperatures ranging from 41F to 50F during Kentucky's winter season, tourism is relatively low in the state's winter.

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