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Cruises to Manta, Ecuador

Manta, Ecuador Cruises

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In the Coastal Lowlands of Ecuador, Manta is an important coastal city. It is Ecuador's second-largest seaport and a popular holiday destination. In addition to tuna fishing and canning, the city exports coffee and cocoa beans and crafts made from tagua nuts. This city has many cultural attractions that include a cosmopolitan center, colorful nightlife, and a multitude of beaches and recreational activities. Kite-surfing, surfing, and bodyboarding are popular in Manta. Many of these activities take place all year long in this city.

Best Things to do in Manta, Ecuador

Manta in Ecuador is located along the central pacific coastal. It offers several things to do, from water activities to nature reserves, urban beaches, historic sites, and more. It is also known as a bustling town and a major fishing port in South America. Go through these things to do in Manta on your cruise vacation. 

1. El Murciélago

One of the most popular beaches in Manta is this one. The city offers many restaurants serving seafood and local dishes and bars, and other attractions for recreation and relaxation. A variety of aquatic sports are available here, including surfing, diving, sailing, bodyboarding, and fishing. There is a lot to do on the beach, such as taking a walk, swimming, watching seabirds, relaxing on the sand, and shopping. New Year's Eve celebrations are also prevalent at El Murcielago, where the fireworks and concert take place. In addition to numerous hotels, retail stores, supermarkets, and banking facilities, there are also automatic teller machines near the beach.

2. Fish Market

Fish and other sea products are the main things caught at Tarqui Beach by fishers. So locals go there every morning and buy their seafood for a family dinner or stock up for restaurants. There is a variety of fish on offer at this market, including shark, tuna, mahi-mahi, shellfish, octopus, red snappers, etc. Seafood meals are available for a reasonable price at restaurants in the area.

3. Pacoche Rainforest

A nice walk through the Pacoche Rainforest is an excellent shore excursion to opt for. It is around 20-minutes away from the Manta's city center. On the way, the landscape changes from an arid beach town to a thick, lush jungle. You will feel relief from sun heat and feel a little chill and some fresh air. Here you will find a variety of animals and creatures, including Howler and Capuchin Monkeys, giant snails, Tarantulas, and more native species. Ensure you wear long clothes and apply mosquito repellant on the arms and body to avoid bites during the wet season. Consider taking a local guide along with you on the excursion. It is a more exciting way to explore such places, as they have enough knowledge and experience to share with you. 

4. Ciudad Alfaro Complex

All history buffs consider this place as heaven. It is about 15 minutes from the town of Manta, the museum located on Montecristi Mountain. Several pre-Columbian indigenous cultures and some of Eloy Alfaro's country's famous presidents are represented in the museum. Both tourists and locals enjoy going to this museum. An assembly room is located here, where a special government congress is held. You can enjoy local gastronomy or shop for souvenirs from the local market after you have finished your museum tour. 

5. Opt for a Cacao and Coffee Excursion

The shore excursion offers a fascinating look at cacao's history and varieties—the history of bartending begins with the cultivation of trees, harvest, and production of bars. Last but not least, you can taste some delicious local products that are freshly made, not only from the cacao bean but also from the white pulp of juicy and exquisitely sweet cacao beans. You can create a chocolate fondue, ice cream, or juice from beans pulp. Also, you can observe colorful hummingbirds from the thatched roof restaurant. 

Best Time to Visit in Manta, Ecuador

Manta has been a popular tourist destination for years because of its long dry season between May and December, usually dry with little rain. And a rainy season between January and April. With an average high between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, the temperatures in Manta are relatively steady throughout the year. 

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