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Cruises to New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana Cruises

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Louisiana s a city with fun parties, events and culture. This city is located on the Mississippi River in Louisiana, near the Gulf of Mexico, and is world-renowned for its distinctive music, unique dialects, and Creole Cuisine. Its annual celebrations and festival known as Mardi Gras, are very unique. For cruisers, the city is much more than Bourbon Street, which is the city's heart. Here you can find several time-honored traditions like Jazz and the Sazerac cocktail. Artists and intellectuals from all over the world find it a haven of creative energy and cultural vitality.  

Best Things to do in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has several world-renowned areas such as Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, French Quarter, St. Louis Cathedral, and more. It also has several markets, bars and restaurants, nightclubs, and other entertainment zones. Moreover, here are some of the best things to do while your cruise is docked at the New Orleans port.  

1. The National World War II Museum  

The National World War II Museum is a sprawling modern building complex in the Warehouse District. It receives thousands of visitors daily. The museum has three main halls – the D-Day Invasion, The Home Front, and the Pacific and European Theaters. Visitors can also experience an awe-inspiring 4D movie presentation and an immersive submarine exhibit.  

2. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas 

Audubon Aquarium was opened in 1990. Since then, it has allowed visitors to see the striking glass and steel building to watch marine life. The building is located on the bank of the Mississippi River with around 10,000 animals and 530 species. This aquarium has rare white alligators from the Mississippi River, a massive Gulf of Mexico reef with sea turtles and sharks, and an Amazon River tank with piranha and stingrays. Moreover, there are several other animals ranging from parakeets to penguins. The aquarium feels like a comprehensive collection of exciting wildlife.  

3. French Quarter Phantoms 

In the French Quarter, there is not only a cemetery for those who love very spooky places but also a cemetery for those who love learning about local history as well. Hire a guided tour for the ultimate way to explore this spooky place. The person who guides you will be a master storyteller and will give you a brief note about the history of the place and other related things. There is a lot of walking and the tour usually lasts a couple of hours. 

4. Tipitina's 

Tipitina's is an unassuming Uptown building with no seats and is 100 years old. This place is known as a music venue from the 1970s. After that, it quickly cemented its place in New Orleans's as a music institution. Visitors can find local brass bands. Some big music festivals also happen here, such as Jazz Fest and Voodoo. Sometimes musical events happen unexpectedly.  

5. Contemporary Arts Center 

One of the most prestigious venues in the city for contemporary art is the Contemporary Arts Center, a large redbrick building. The contemporary arts also include music, film, painting, and theater acts. Here visitors can experience the exhibition every four to eight weeks. The exhibits include any visual art form: photography, sculpture, and even painting – sometimes it features works of individual contemporary artists, while sometimes it's around themes. The pieces are often installed creatively.  

Best Time to Visit in New Orleans, Louisiana

A good time to visit New Orleans is between February and May. The weather is comfortably cool during these months, and the celebrations are in full swing. If you don't like Mardi Gras mania, plan your visit in December or January. During these two months, the city stays calm, and you don't need to make excursions or reservations in advance.  

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