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Cruises to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Cruises

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Puerto Vallarta is a beach destination, known as a resort town on Mexico's Pacific Coast in Jalisco state. This resort town is known for its beaches, water sports, marine life, and local resorts, making it one of the most popular vacation destinations globally. It is no surprise that half of the city's economy comes from tourism, and half the population is employed in it. Its roots as an authentic port town, packed with history, culture, and the heart of authentic Mexico.

Best Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is in a geographical sweet spot located on the Bay of Banderas – the second-largest bay in the world. It is considered more than just a coastal resort getaway situated on Mexico's Pacific Coast in Jalisco state. It is a perfect example of a destination where mountains meet jungle meets the sea. So come on down for some fresh seafood, immaculate vibes, and parties until dawn. Apart from these, there are several other things to do in Puerto Vallarta, like the ones listed below. 

1. The Malecon

Malecon is a beautiful stretch of 1 km that connects the city's historic center with the waterfront. Before crossing the swinging bridges to Cuale Island, there are plenty of cafes where you can browse the numerous market stalls. There is a Matamoros Lighthouse that offers excellent views of the bay from the top, where you can easily view the red-tile roofs of downtown, stunning views of the Bay of Banderas, jungle-covered mountains, hottest restaurants, and view of the city's architecture, sculptures, beaches, and live street performances.  Moreover, if you're someone who wants to click the picture of humpback whales, keep your cameras ready. So no matter the time you visit , you will always find something as it's the premier place where locals, tourists, and ex-pats come together and explore.  

2. Zona Romantica

The most visually pleasing spot of the city is the Zona Romantica. This historic district takes a step back in time and experiences the very heart and soul of the real Puerto Vallarta. The Zona has cobblestone streets and alleys flanked by historic buildings, capped with red-brick roofs as a trademark. There are colorful houses with purple bougainvillea blossoms arching over side streets, giving a brilliant pop of color. This spot begins at the bridge over the Rio Cuale, where the Old Farmer market is located, and some famous beaches, art galleries, boutique hotels, and restaurants.

3. Bay of Banderas

The Bay of Banderas, where Puerto Vallarta lies, is one of the largest bays in the world. It thrives on its coastal regions with 55 miles of mesmerizing Banderas Bay beaches to swim,try out water sports and explore underwater. When you marvel at aquatic abundance, you might come across the sea teeming with life like – dolphins, octopuses, different kinds of fish, manta rays, sea turtles, and even the humpback whales during November to March. Several tour operators take visitors out on the water for an afternoon. For example, it takes you to beaches only accessible by boats, such as a wildlife cruise, Las Animas, or Yelapa. Or you can cruise around the Los Arcos natural monument.

4. The Cerro de la Cruz 

The Cerro de la Cruz is one of the best-kept secrets of Puerto Vallarta that offers a birds-eye view of the entire city, the bay, Nuevo Vallarta in the North, and the hills of Punta Mita. After you complete your exploration of Puerto Vallarta, now it's time to see the city from the sky. This resort town is a unique town located between the mountains and the sea. Tourists can climb the green hills and enjoy the spectacular views and picture-perfect vantage points over the entire city. This excursion is not for the weak of heart, since it is a straight shot up. 

5. Magic Towns

Magic Town is a title given to the towns that exemplify historically and authentic Mexico. It was started by the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico. Currently, there are three towns near Puerto Vallarta that are worth visiting.

The towns are – 

1. San Sebastian del Qeste: It owes its history to the mining days of Mexico, which peaked during the colonial period. 
2. Talpa de Allende: A village with cobblestone streets and lined with impressive colored buildings. 
3. Mascota: It is a spot tucked between the tall pine and oak trees of the Sierra Madres, unfinished churches, and the Temple Inconcluso de la Preciosa Sangre. 

Best Time to Visit in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a year-round destination as each season has its assets. Though the temperature in Puerto Vallarta remains to stay mild for the majority of the year, the best time to visit the resort town is between April-June and October-November.

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