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Cruises to St Louis, Missouri

St Louis, Missouri Cruises

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St. Louis is located along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.It’s a place of energy, vibrant culture, and deep history, and has cutting-edge modern charm. This second-largest city of Missouri was once quiet and now offers restaurants, microbreweries, and several cultural venues, among them a blues museum. It also has several nicknames like “Gateway to the West,” “The Gateway City,” “Mound City,” “The Lou,” “Rome of the West,” “Saint Lou,” “River City,” and “The STL.”  The city offers more free attractions than any other city outside the District of Columbia.

Best Things to do in St Louis

St. Louis is much more than an Arch amid blue skies. It has several other attractions and fun things to do  go around every corner, including food, entertainment, children’s museums, elaborate outdoor art installations, and even adventure sports and safaris. 

1. The Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is an iconic landmark of St. Louis, standing at a whopping 630-foot high on the Missouri edge of the Mississippi Riverbank. It was built in the 1960s to honor the 19th-century explorers Clark and Lewis and President Thomas Jefferson.  Visiting Gateway Arch National Park, you can learn about how St. Louis played an integral role in the famous Westward Expansion. After snapping a few pictures of the landmark, visit the museum to learn more about this pivotal period in American history. Moreover, learn about those who contributed to shaping the country you know and love today, such as rebels, pioneers, and Native Americans. Do not leave without touring the Old Courthouse, where civil rights history was made, and taking a scenic stroll along the St. Louis Riverfront.

2. Citygarden Sculpture Park

Thanks to its art-inspired theme, this park, and garden stand out among St. Louis’ many parks and gardens. The City Garden is a quirky urban park dedicated to sculpture with its interactive art, fountains, and gardens. You can take a break from sightseeing and have a picnic here or stretch your legs. There are around 24 sculptures on the manicured lawns, and there are poignant messages behind each piece. It is a great place to visit for anyone who loves dynamic approaches to sculpture. 

3. Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm is a historic farm that is located near Grandwood Village, built by the Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant. This 281-acre wildlife preserve is a mini zoo and home to over 900 animals from six continents. Visitors can take an open-air tram ride and pretend to ride over the great American Plains. As you go on Grant’s Safari, you’ll come across bison, Sika deer, and elk.

You  can have close encounters with the petting zoo or meet the Clydesdale horses while walking through their meadowland. Be sure also to visit the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site and White Haven, the former Grant Farm owner’s home. Tour the house, and learn about their lives, including the enslaved people employed there.

4. An Escape Room Game

An Escape Room in St. Louis city is an adventure game to see whether you can quickly get out of the room with logical thinking. In this game, players will be locked inside a room with the team and a single clue to come out of the room. Let’s see who’ll be the first to come out or crack the clue under pressure. Remember not to hang around as you’ll be running against the clock because you need to figure out the riddles and problems presented to you within just an hour. And you will be on your toes until you escape the room. So keep calm as you work through the tasks, and don’t panic, as it’s just a game! 

5. Imaginative play at Myseum

Myseum is a unique museum for children that offers an interactive arena for kids of all ages to have fun. They may even learn a thing or two from here as 30 exhibits are hands-on and include everything from a magnetic ball wall to a dinosaur dig, radar slide, Interactive Video Wall, Zoo Vet Clinic, giant UFO maze, and more. Moreover, they have a thermal imaging camera, the musical Tesla coil, and a gigantic UFO maze for older children. Apart from all these, there are dancing plasma tubes that will set scientific hearts ablaze. It is an award-winning discovery center for kids and families to spend a few hours discovering new things while having fun.

6. A Distillery Tour

If you’re curious to know the process of producing the famous gins, rums, and whiskeys, then go on a dedicated distillery tour right here in town. Several tour operators will take you to the distilleries. Your guide will share some insider secrets about the distillery system, they will also offer you a free tasting! You’ll get to sample several different drinks produced there in the factory. You’ll be able to identify the special flavors used to make the liquor so unique. Moreover, if you liked any of the brews, go to the gift shop and pick up a few tasty souvenirs. 

7. The Fabulous Fox Theatre

The interior is so stunning and traditional that it is enough to blow your mind away. You'll feel like a king or queen with rich red interiors, gold accents, and an ornate ceiling. At this venue, the venue is equally important as the show. From 1929 until today, world-renowned performances have been presented at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. You can enjoy a variety of high-end shows, Vegas extravaganzas, and old movies in this delightfully regal setting. Classical works, rock, and punk music are regularly performed here. 

P.S. Booking tickets in advance is highly recommended since tickets are often snapped up weeks ahead of time.

Best Time to Visit in St Louis

April, May, and September through October are ideal times to visit St. Louis. It is a city with long, hot summers and long, cold winters. A visit here can be delightful during spring and fall when the weather is pleasant, and there is a full calendar of events.

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