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Cruises to Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada Cruises

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Toronto is the capital city of Ontario, located on the banks of Lake Ontario's northwestern shore, which forms the border between Canada and the United States. Canada's largest city has become a top travel destination in North America. No matter when you're going to travel, it has something for everyone. The city is filled with fun, unique, engaging, and exciting things.

Best Things to do in Toronto

When it comes to being a visitor in Toronto, you will find plenty of things to do! It is known for its multiculturalism, sports, and unique landmarks such as the CN Tower. This bustling city features various architectures, cuisines, and long history. So if you're searching for fun activities in Toronto for adults, with kids, you've come to the right place. Here our experts have listed the best things to do in Toronto.

1. Toronto Greeters

Toronto Greeters is not a game, they are the people who act as personal ambassadors. They help tourists explore the Toronto city by giving travel tips, including what to eat, what events are going on, and much more. These people make sure that the tourists feel secure in their city. They might not be available upon your visit; thus, it is advised to book them in advance and tell them about your plans. This way, you won't miss anything in Toronto and can even see more points of interest.

2. Ripley’s Aquarium

One of Toronto's most popular things for families is to visit this fantastic facility that displays all kinds of marine life. An underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk is the most impressive part of this attraction. The tunnel roof allows you to watch the ocean world go by all around you as sharks glide past. Visiting the tunnel is a relaxing experience for everyone, regardless of age. It is also worth mentioning the jellyfish exhibit is accented with creative lighting. In addition, hands-on experiences with stingrays and small sharks are available. Engineers will also enjoy the open design of the building, which allows them to view the Life Support System and filtering equipment operating the facility.

3. CN Tower

CN Tower in Toronto rewards you with the most panoramic views over the city. It is around 553.5 m-high (1,815.3 ft.) concrete communications and observation tower in downtown Toronto. It is also known as the Canadian National Tower. It allows you to see the beautiful Toronto Scenery and the picturesque Toronto Islands from the sky. High-speed elevators take visitors to the top in just 58 seconds. If your threshold for thrills is higher, it is possible to go beyond the LookOut Level of the CN Tower to EdgeWalk. The adventure offers the first hands-free walking experience in North America. It takes place in the central pod of the tower, at 116 stories tall. 

4. Casa Loma

Casa Loma is the Castle of Toronto, right in the middle of the city and one of the top tourist attractions. It is home to former Canadian Financier Sir Henry Pellatt. It took three years to construct and it cost more than $3.5 million. The castle was built in the 1900s and had 98 rooms with suites, an 800-foot tunnel, stables, towers, a secret passage, and a beautiful five-acre estate garden. This attraction will undoubtedly attract those people who are history buffs, museum-goers, and families with kids. Usually, events happen year-round, both in the castle and on castle ground.

5. Harborfront Centre

Harborfront Centre is a 10-acre waterfront site that has transformed from a derelict shipping terminal to an upscale neighborhood bustling with more than 30 spots to explore, including theaters, parks, gardens, restaurants, galleries, and more. This attraction is worth checking out at any time of the year. If you're visiting Toronto in summer, you might kick back on Sugar Beach, a former parking lot transformed into an urban beach. Moreover, it hosts upward of 4,000 events around the year to entertain the visitors that pass through the area annually. 

6. Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs is a beautiful nine-mile stretch of cliffs on the east side of Lake Ontario. It is home to 11 different parks with scenic views from the top of bluffs over the lake. It takes around 30 minutes to reach downtown Toronto. Here, hiking is the no. 1 activity that goes on year-round. You can hike 300-foot cliffs or if you are feeling less adventurous you can drive up. There is a sandy beach with a picnic area known as Bluffer's Park. The cliffs attract several visitors to nearby parks and beaches throughout the summer. 

Best Time to Visit in Toronto

Toronto is best visited between June and mid-September and around February to May, summer, and spring. During the summer, temperatures range from 15 °C to 23 °C, while the temperatures in spring range from -2 °C to 16 °C. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the weather for sightseeing.

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